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Benjamin Fulford Report: "Germany Prepares for War" -- August 29, 2016

Weekly geo-political news and analysis Message from Benjamin Fulford Germany makes game changing move, prepares for war to defeat khazar...

Monday, August 29, 2016

Universal Public Announcement from the UN-GSE and the UN-SWISSINDO

The Largest Charity Fraud Award Goes to... The Clinton Foundation

Clinton Foundation Largest Unprosecuted Charity Fraud in History-Charles Ortel

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Wall Street financial expert Charles Ortel claims the Clinton Foundation is the “largest unprosecuted charity fraud in world history.” He also says this global fraud could not be pulled off without a lot of help. Ortel explains, “I think this is an example of a vast left-wing conspiracy. If you go back into the history, the Clintons always like to expose the things that go down for their credit, and they always try to hide the stuff that doesn’t make them look so good. When you go back into the history of the Clintons, Bill and Hillary, and now Chelsea, have been monetizing government service. They have been operating as Robin Hood in reverse. Stealing from the poor to reward their rich cronies. . . . I think what you have here is a case study on the proponents of the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party, and they tend to be left-leaning, how these people got together and figured out a charity where foreigners can give unlimited amounts of money, and U.S. players can give unlimited amounts of tax deductible money to an entity. This could be a preferred vehicle for strengthening the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party and Clinton interests around the world.”

Even though the Clinton Foundation is an official charity with a so-called “501(c) 3” designation from the IRS, Ortel says it’s not functioning as a legitimate charity. Ortel charges on his website that “Clinton Foundation documents omit crucial facts, include false and materially misleading statements, and exclude legally required audits of financial statements for each year of operation, that must be prepared on a consistent basis.”

Ortel also explains, “There are two sides to the coin. I think Peter Schweizer (Clinton Cash author) and his team have done a very good job of exposing this very difficult to expose pay-to-play stuff. I doubt there are criminals dumb enough who sit down and write memoranda in great detail and say ‘alright, you give me $1 million and I’ll give your this ambassadorship. Let’s sign on the dotted line here. Please wire the money to this account.’ I don’t think you are going to find those types of records. At the end of the day, even if you write a great book, and the book is good, and even if you do a movie and the movie is good, at the end of the day, the skeptical press is going to say there is no evidence.”

Ortel goes on to say, “On the other hand, on charity fraud, it’s a very different thing. In charity fraud, unlike pay-to-play, you don’t have to prove intent. Under New York State law, in particular, the requirement is merely that you prove the public filings in the Clinton Foundation are false and materially misleading, and they certainly are. This is why you are starting to see these editorial boards around the world say wait a minute. You also have to prove that they solicited, not that they raised money, that they solicited. That, the Clintons have admitted. . . . On the charity fraud side of life, that is the mine field for the Clintons. The second the IRS, or any attorney general or a state taxing authority, decides to make an issue of this, the burden of proof shifts . . . the charity has to come forward and prove the affirmative case. The Clinton Foundation has to prove, since October 23, 1997, that all you have been doing exclusively is furthering the authorized tax exempted purposes, which as far as I know is, to be merely a research facility and archive based in Little Rock. Prove that’s all you have done. Show us the legally audited financial statements. Show us those audits.”

In closing, Ortel contends, “This is a tale that needs to be told, but it’s not going to be a tale that people swallow at first blush given the fact how powerful the Clintons are or how vengeful the Clintons are when they are in power. . . . Another way to talk about the Clintons is the Bonnie and Clyde of charity or the Al Capone of charity.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Clinton Foundation researcher, Charles Ortel

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Charles Ortel writes consistently about the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons. All of his analysis and updates are free and open to the public on

Video: A Call to Action, This is our Planet

Benjamin Fulford Report: "Germany Prepares for War" -- August 29, 2016

Weekly geo-political news and analysis

Message from Benjamin Fulford

Germany makes game changing move, prepares for war to defeat khazarian mafia

Posted by benjamin
August 29, 2016

Full Report

For the past few weeks the wheels of geopolitics have been churning the mud during a summer “ceasefire.” That is now ending.

The German government has made a decisive break with the Khazarian mafia and has ordered its citizens to stockpile 10 days worth of emergency food supplies in preparation for a war of independence, according to both CIA and MI6 sources. In addition, the German government is mobilizing 600,000 militia members in preparation for this war, the sources say. The trigger for this mobilization was a request by the Khazarian controlled US government for Germany to accept a massive false flag attack on its territory as an excuse for totalitarian Khazarian rule. The Germans have decided to refuse this request and are instead allying themselves with the Russians and effectively joining the UK and Turkey in a Western led move against the Khazarian controlled American government, the sources agree. This information can be confirmed in a series of German government statements seen in the corporate media. These include the announcement of the emergency food supply request, a statement by the German foreign minister that Germany needs to work with Russia and a statement by the economy minister that the US Khazarian led TTIP trade agreement was dead in the water.

The German move is just the opening salvo of what is expected to be a decisive campaign to permanently end Khazarian control of the West and its remaining slave states. Expect similar moves in many countries as the autumn offensive against the final Khazarian mafia strongholds goes into full gear. As the snowball effect continues, keep your eyes on France, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Brazil among other places over the coming months.

Another clear signal that things are not as normal is the fact that Khazarian Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has become too scared to meet actual real people and has begun using green screen to tape her campaign performances. That is because the people on the bounty list issued by the White Dragon Society have been vanishing from public view one by one. That is also because her mass murdering Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller mafia bosses are hated by a vast portion of the world’s awakening public, The Chinese, for their part, have given up on Hillary and, since they also have no love for Republican Candidate Donald Trump, are now considering a more radical move. They have invite
d Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to visit China before the big September 4-5 G20 meeting the Chinese are hosting. Sources in Asian secret societies say the Chinese will ask Trudeau if he would be interested in leading a Mexican/American/Canadian North American alliance.

It is not clear, however, just how aware of reality Trudeau is. The Canadian corporate press parrots its US counterparts like the New York Times in presenting outright lies as facts. In their world view it was not the Saudis and their Bush/Clinton allies who used Sarin gas in Syria but rather the “dictator Assad” (never mind that he was elected in an internationally observed poll). In their world view as well Russia’s Vladimir Putin is an evil dictator who invaded the Crimean Peninsula. The same press holds to the world view that Hillary Clinton is the reasonable status quo candidate and that Donald Trump is a crazy maniac who must not be allowed to have power.

This writer’s own mother, who gets her information from Canadian Newspapers and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) held views along these lines. Robert Fulford, a prominent Canadian writer (not a direct relative of your correspondent), for example, wrote an editorial in the Canadian press that also went along with this world view. So it is quite possible Trudeau is still too brainwashed to understand the historical opportunity the Asians are going to offer him.

In any case, the Chinese are going to try to make the most of the G20 meeting they are hosting. They have invited countries that are not in the G20 to participate as well as top European Union leaders in a sign they are going to push hard for big changes in the way this planet is run. The meeting follows months of concerted selling of US Treasury bonds by central banks all over the world. This time it is clear the Asians are not going to let the usual criminals take over after the US corporate government’s bankruptcy negotiations conclude.

The owners of the Federal Reserve Board system for their part, are locked in a death spiral. They are printing their own fiat money, to buy shares and corporate bonds issued by their own companies. It is like a snake swallowing its own tail. Everybody else, including old fashioned pension fund managers and other institutional investors with integrity, are avoiding the entire cesspool that US financial markets have become.

That is the real reason why Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen hinted at raising interest rates last week. If they do try to raise interest rates, it will have the opposite effect of what they expect, because it will be seen as a sign of desperation, not strength. Even looting the Japanese National Pension fund to the tune of over $100 billion is not enough to help these criminal keep their empire solvent.

The situation has become such that Jacob de Rothschild has warned that the system of central banks his family was instrumental in creating was headed for systems failure.

The Rand Corporation, a war mongering neo-con think tank, has reacted to the situation by saying the US should declare war on China sooner rather than later. However, they are about 10 years too late to make that call. At the time the Pentagon ran simulation after simulation involving a war with China and the result was always the same, the loser would unleash nuclear war and the result would be that 90% of the world’s population dies and the Northern Hemisphere of the planet becomes uninhabitable. That is the same reason why the Asians are not going to do anything arrogant that will provoke the military industrial complex into choosing mutually assured destruction.

Instead, the brainy part of the military industrial complex is already dealing with the situation with the compelling argument that we do not want to replace Khazarian mob rule with Chinese totalitarianism. The Japanese, Koreans, Indonesians, Vietnamese, Indians and others understand this argument as do the Chinese.

In the Middle East, the Pentagon is keeping to its deal with the Russians to divide their regions of influence along the Euphrates river with the Russians getting what is West of it while the Americans get what is East of it. The Turks are also now going along with this.

The fighting now going on in the region is against mercenary armies working for oil companies still controlled by the Clinton/Bush/Rockefeller mafia. The Israelis have also figured this out and have invited the Russians in to try to help them find peace with their neighbours. This will mean they will have to give up their Messianic delusions about ruling the world from Jerusalem and accept a fair deal with the Palestinians and others. They no longer have a super power to manipulate into fighting for them and so must learn to be humble.

Steve Beckow -- On the "Liquidation" of Souls

Bergen-Belsen supervisor Irma Grese

I think I shouldn't allow the following passage from a recent "intel" article to be read without comment:

"If anyone reading this denies the truth of their organic human history and universal standing as it truly occurred, you will stop vibrating on this dimensional plane and cease human form existence.

"It is not death per se as death is also a concept created by the alien cabal to keep you vibrationally enslaved. Rather, it simply is a change of form and a simple return to Source Energy.

"Only an open acceptance to a radically new existence conceptually as well as a sincere historical review of your past will allow your eternal truth (soul) to continue with its current temporary human form." (1)

Certainly this version receives no support from the Company of Heaven.

First of all, let's look at the warning:

"If anyone reading this denies the truth of their organic human history and universal standing as it truly occurred, you will stop vibrating on this dimensional plane and cease human form existence. It is not death per se.... Rather, it simply is a change of form and simple return to Source Energy."

The fate of returning to a lower dimension is referred to in the afterlife literature as "liquidation," "annulment," and "extinction." (2) It is only meted out to souls for whom there seems no way of going forward given the degree of evil they've practiced.

Let's look at the annulment of one of the few known cases: Bergen-Belsen senior SS supervisor Irma Grese. Young, recently-transitioned seaman Philip Gilbert was requested to assist with the reception of the Nazis after the Nuremberg trials.

"There will be a sticky mess of evil spirits let loose here soon when that Belsen crowd gets over. The woman [Irma Grese] is a black magician and will be 'liquidated.' She had to incarnate first. Why, I don't understand, but, before you can be 'annulled,' you have to re-incarnate - perhaps as a last chance." (3)

"The most evil] of the Belsen crowd], Irma, was absorbed at once into what is her kind, a descending whirlpool of, as it might be called, sewage. They tell me that there are, very, very rarely, entities who get so low that they can only descend - and be liquidated. We don't like to think of it here." (4)

Later Philip Gilbert returns to the subject:

"The worst ones sink and sink until they become vacuum - and are 'liquidated.' It's not so much brutality of an animal kind [that brings on this fate], but real mental cruelty, a pleasure in hurting others, which, as you were told, cannot be escaped from." (5)

"Very, very rarely" do souls descend so low that they are reabsorbed into eternal Source energy, to venture forth again as a fresh start, without remembrance or karma. That contradicts Anonymous' allegation that "anyone reading this denies the truth of their organic human history and universal standing as it truly occurred" will be liquidated.

Before looking at what the Company of Heaven (CoH) says about liquidation, I'd like to look at what the CoH says about whether one's beliefs about the nature of reality, Jesus' mission, etc., determine liquidation.

SaLuSa of Sirius tells us that:

"As your consciousness expands you will inevitably find yourself better able to understand what is being given to you. There are in fact beautiful souls in all walks of life, yet they do not necessarily have the same consciousness levels of those who have already awakened. They are by no means excluded from the process of Ascension, and will easily accept whatever is necessary to change their direction. That is possible because they already have the basis for a greater expansion of their consciousness." (6)

"They live in a way that respects nature and all life, and understand its cycles and the energies all around them. Their needs are few, and when they leave there is no trail of damage and pollution. They may not have your awareness of the end times, but lead a highly spiritual life and have every opportunity to ascend." (7)

Thus it isn't necessary to accept Jesus as our savior to ascend. It isn't necessary to be Christian or Muslim or any other organized religion to enter the Fifth Dimension, also called by early Christian fathers "the Kingdom of Heaven."

Even a lack of a belief in God is not something that would keep decent and sincere people from ascending, according to SaLuSa.

"A lack of belief in God is not necessarily preventing people from ascending, as many of them are at heart very kind and decent people. It is what you are inside that counts, but we always come back to the need to treat others as yourself." (8)

What SaLuSa says has the ring of truth for me whereas what Anonymous says does not.

Why are we all doing the work of clearing ourselves of our core issues and the resulting conditioned behavior? Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman tells us:

"Most of you who have followed our teachings are aware that you must clear 51% of your negative frequency patterns and attune to your Soul Song to at least a portion of the lower sub-level frequencies of the Fifth Dimension in order to begin to receive the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light." (9)

Fifty-one percent is not a difficult goal to achieve. And there will be plenty of help for the stragglers, as Sananda through Eric Klein, writing in the early 1990s, explains:

"Is it necessary to be one-hundred percent healed and whole to ascend? No, says Sananda. 'You do not need to be one hundred percent healed and whole emotionally and spiritually in order to ascend. ... We can work miracles with each of you. This is our intention.'" (10)

Now to the second part of Anonymous' allegations:

"Only an open acceptance to a radically new existence conceptually as well as a sincere historical review of your past will allow your eternal truth (soul) to continue with its current temporary human form."

The "sincere historical review of your past" is a routine feature of the afterlife. (11) There's no requirement for a full-life review before Ascension.

Moreover "an open acceptance to a radically new existence conceptually" is not needed to allow us "to continue with its current temporary human form." There's nothing needed to allow us to continue as humans. Many will alter and some will retain their belief systems before and after Ascension. No danger results to their continued incarnation as humans as a result.

Thus liquidation is reserved only for those human beings who've chosen relentless evil and is not something visited upon people for their beliefs, their degree of acceptance of a radical new existence, or their lack of a full-life review attached to this lifetime.


(1) "Transition Facts" - RV Intel Update - August 28, 2016" at

(2) "The woman is a black magician and will be 'liquidated.' She had to incarnate first. Why, I don't understand, but, before you can be 'annulled,' you have to re-incarnate - perhaps as a last chance." (Philip Gilbert, Philip Gilbert through Alice Gilbert, medium, Philip in Two Worlds. London: Andrew Dakers, 1948, 107-8. [Hereafter PTW.])

"One doesn't feel agreeable to the idea of extinction! Especially as, I'm told, 'liquidation' only comes as a last step on a long path of misery, foul thinking and acting. (Philip Gilbert in PTW, 130.)

(3) Philip Gilbert, PTW, 107-8.

(4) PTW, 197.

(5) PTW, 131-3.

(6) SaLuSa, Nov. 17, 2010, at .

(7) SaLuSa, March 15, 2010.

(8) SaLuSa, Oct. 3, 2012.

(9) Ronna Herman, "MESSAGE FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - LM-03-2016," at

(10) Sananda in Eric Klein, The Crystal Stair. Livermore: Oughten Hosue Publications, 1992; c1990, 34.

(11) There are two forms of full-life review. The first is the brief but comprehensive review that happens just before or immediately after "death." See
"A Full Life Review Occurs" at

A second form of full-life review, much more extensive and carried out with the assistance of our spiritual mentor, occurs after entry into the Mental Plane/Fifth Dimension. On that subject, see "The Judgment" at

Neither of these has any bearing on our Ascension.

Video: United Nations and United Nations, Inc.

Germany Warns its Citizens to Prepare for the Implosion of Europe

Germany to Citizens: Prepare for the Implosion of Europe

It’s tough to deny it at this point — the impending collapse of societies all across the world is coming sooner than we would care to admit.

With each passing day, new evidence arrives to back up the belief that rising tensions, religious extremism, global warfare and political corruption will inevitably lead to the world being completely destroyed. It may sound like a crazy conspiracy theory to some, but if you analyze the evidence with an open mind, there are a lot of warning signs available.

Now there’s even more proof to back up this belief, as Germany is urging its citizens to prepare themselves for such an event by stockpiling food and water in expectation of Europe completely imploding.

Caroline Copley of Yahoo reports, “Germany is currently on high alert after two Islamist attacks and a shooting rampage by a mentally unstable teenager last month. Berlin announced measures earlier this month to spend considerably more on its police and security forces and to create a special unit to counter cyber crime and terrorism.”

It’s difficult to blame them, either. Europe is a complete mess at the moment thanks to the growing amount of Islamic extremists invading their countries. From France to Belgium and everywhere in between, it seems as though the entire continent of Europe is under attack by these extremists.

Overt political correctness has once again proven itself to be extremely dangerous, due to the fact that federal governments are afraid to address real, dangerous issues threatening the lives of their citizens out of fear that they’ll be labeled racist, Islamophobic, or otherwise bigoted.

If the globalists have their way, we’re all in serious trouble. They’ve already started taking away individual freedoms, and now they’ve set their sights on much bigger goals. If you want to survive, you best be prepared for anything they can throw at you — because it’s very clear that they’re trying to eliminate us all.

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