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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Neil Keenan -- Globalist’s Desperation, Health and Wellness & The End of Big Pharma

Source: Neil Keenan | by KEENAN TEAM | GROUPK

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Globalist’s Desperation, Health And Wellness & The End Of Big Pharma

OCTOBER 27, 2016

Desperation has made many turn their heads in terms of what is right and wrong, and in this case as to who the Depositors are – and who the Depositors are not.

Many are attempting to work out deals among themselves, despite not owning the certain assets in question – and this is the Breaking News today.

Desperate people are doing desperate things – with assets that they have no claim to ownership of whatsoever!

Najib Razak

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak finds himself in the limelight once again along with everybody’s best friend Alfredo Sauren, the Thai [Corporate] Government, the US Federal Reserve [Corporate] Chairperson Janet Yellen and also the Bank of England.

They are all either desperate to keep their Agendas alive or they are just plain greedy and willingly ignorant of what those assets were intended to be used for.

Most certainly the East did not deposit their wealth into the Global Collateral Accounts so that the corrupt Globalists could continue to destroy the planet with their vaccinations, geoengineering / chemtrails, manufactured wars, HAARP attacks, banking bail-outs / bail-ins, weather warfare and many other things.

Their desperation is so obvious and visceral you realize that it is the Clinton’s who are literally murdering anybody they fear might make a significant statement against them.

The madmen are running the asylum. This is why no one respects the US. And we have allowed it.

Now it is time to change our program and kick the Cabal and their underlings the hell out and whatever happens to them, happens. It is of their own doing.

Najib Razak, this time will need to answer to his own people as he has been deceiving them for what seems like forever. Malaysia deserves much better than Najib, who is no more than a common thief.

The others involved should be picked up and tried in their own countries. When you read further in this preface you will discover that what they are attempting to do without even the depositors knowledge is treacherous.

Janet Yellen

The size of this financial package is staggering but we will get to this in due course.

The 1 Million MT of Gold (Yes – One Million Metric Tons of Gold) deal seems to have come together and Najib and Sauren have already flown off to meet with Yellen to sell the Golden Dragon Family’s gold for new US FIAT currency.


All commission agreements have now been worked out.

It seems all that is required is for the FED and the Bank of England to sign off, which has apparently happened given that Najib has already flown the coop.

Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney (Ex Governor of the Bank of Canada)

The twist here is that Alfredo Sauren is accompanying Najim on this trip which means he is brokering this deal.

This would be logical as both parties have been putting together the deal with Malaysian Authorities for quite a while, with one side having connections with the Thai supplier of the Gold (the King has passed on and his son and or military are running the country so this would make more sense as the King never allowed the Gold to leave Thailand) and with Sauren writing up the Gold Certificates in Hong Kong.

These characters all are in this to enrich themselves, to steal assets belonging to the Depositors (The Golden Dragon Family), and to split up approximately 3 Trillion USD in payouts…

Let me share with you the numbers:

Gold USD: 50,000 Kg x 1,000,000,000 Kgs = USD 50,000 000,000,000 (Trillion)

Gold Certificates made by Alfredo Sauren in Hong Kong x 20 = USD 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 Quadrillion USD)

In USD Federal Collateralized New Fiat Issues – 20+x=20 Quadrillion USD or more as FED notes are collateralized globally x 20 again.

Yup, Yup And Yup: Everyone gets a Billion Dollar or a Trillion Dollar Commission!

And get this: Not one bar is owned by those selling them!

What a hoot eh?

And more filthy, worthless FIAT FED USD currency spilled everywhere once again, right where we left this monster off…

Japanese (Kamiya) is looking to purchase Gold in Korea at this time. He represents Japan.

Korea is holding Golden Dragon Family Gold.

Again, Japan attempts to steal someone’s gold and Korea looks to sell it knowing it is not theirs

Next in line is Indonesia and now their top Elders are working on their sales with Swiss Banks.

I have the names of the Banks and representatives and will keep them confidential for now – but I do advise both the Banks and the Indonesian Elders in this case to proceed with extreme caution, given the established fact that neither side owns any asset involved in this transaction.

Alas once more, Cabal crooks and their underlings are planning on selling out the Family’s assets.

We are talking about Trillions and or Quadrillions of Dollars worth of stolen Assets.

Remember the sellers and deal brokers in these illegal transactions own none of the assets concerned.

Not one party involved in these deals is legally entitled to be doing what they are doing.

The assets we speak of were intended to be used for humanitarian purposes for the people of the planet and most especially Indonesia and not for the pockets of the Cabal and their bottom-feeding minions.

In other news, after seeing so much fiat money being tossed around for Gold you must congratulate President Duterte of the Philippines for tossing out the Globalists and looking for sovereignty for the Island.

President Duterte

Congratulations Mr. President; if everyone in Asia only took your stand the world would be a better place and the Globalists would not only have one less place to hide – but no longer any place to spill their make believe FIATs. We wish you well.

IF this treacherous deal happens the Cabal once again will take over the World’s financial system, no matter what they call it.

So, they are not calling it quits and remember it is not over till the fat lady sings so we must keep on fighting and presenting opposition to them.

One further note, if America goes down all of Europe and the entire Western world goes down so pray to God, not Lucifer, that everything works in our favor.

Even the so-called ‘Pope Francis’ is attempting to manipulate the numbskulled masses to convert to the belief that Lucifer is the light. This Pope-on-a-rope is yet another example of the paedophile Globalists that we have to deal with.

Do you want your children safe and your old age secure or do you want to turn over your rights and family to the clutches of the Clinton’s and worse?

Pray for America and Trump and the world will be finally at peace.

The War Mongers, Khazarian Zionists, Nazis and others will finally be imprisoned (and) where they belong.

The Bush’s and Clinton’s among others will be long tucked away where we will never see them again.

Now as the saying goes, let’s just do it!

“…If the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.” – George Herbert Walker Bush, 1992

Well George, the people have awakened and the time has almost come for you.

The Healing Machines

On a positive note and moving far away from the “Gold mania”, we now have the medical healing computers, which I was told last night would never make it to see daylight.

(I will expose those who contacted me if and when the need arises. I sincerely doubt their capacity to stop their own noses from running, let alone an international movement such as this. )

Fortunately, they will be available very soon for distribution and being deployed into new clinics. In the meantime a more in-depth video of the healing computer in operation will be available for you to see soon.

Many other new types of specialized healing machines will also be unleashed and available in the next couple of months. You will be utterly amazed at what they can do!

Do you believe in magic? Well, you’d better, because these machines have phenomenal results.

After receiving treatments, you may be cleared of many afflictions ranging from arthritis, to cancer, to blood and bone issues, to diabetes, etc – just to name a few.

The possibilities and promise of a new revolution in medical treatment will enable us to move from the Cabal-run pharmaceutical-sickness industry to proper healthcare and wellness, with cures that work and that can no longer be suppressed in service of the Cabal agendas of control, financial gain and Eugenics.

Most of healing machines that are currently available from other sources are only able to use about 1,200 healing frequencies, from what I understand.

The technologies we are dealing with here and now utilize Millions of frequencies. This should explain just a little to you in terms of the superiority of this treatment technology.

These healing frequencies assist the immune system to boom and to search out and address any problems in a persons system.

Would you rather have 1,200 people looking for a needle in a haystack or Millions of people looking?

This is just one of the many major therapeutic differences.

The most powerful of these specialized healing machines is called (named by me) the 23 year machine.

You have heard me refer to the life extension injections available only to the ‘Elite’ in Hong Kong and Switzerland right? If you are even able to get access to them they cost $5 Million Dollars per shot – but you might actually gain only 5 years on your life.

Well, this is a healing computer that does a far superior job and more. It actually rejuvenates your internal organs to their prior healthy state 23 years (at least 23 years but up to 30 years) prior to their condition at the time you are treated with this technology.

Yes that is right, and access to such advanced technology is not just for the super rich any longer. These technologies will be making their debut shortly.

What a time we are living in; with these healing computers becoming available, as well as the new Free Energy technologies that are almost ready for deployment – that are quite unlike anything you may have seen or heard about thus far.

Finally, once Donald J. Trump takes office, the interference will all be over with. They will be coming for the bad guys who’ve been the scourge of humanity and this planet for so long.

You know who you are and you are hereby put on notice that you will be captured and brought to face justice.

Despite what you may believe right now, there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

I see it oh so clearly now.

General Clement, get ready to round them up.

M2 ready to go on a wild ride?

Eyes getting any better? If not give your head a shake! It is happening now!

Dean, you did a magnificent job, thank you very much.

Neil Keenan & Group K


Jimmy Cliff – I Can See Clearly Now

Joe Cocker – Feelin’ Alright

Copyright © 2016, GROUP K, Ltd.

Russia Destroys Most of Islamic State's Heavy Weaponry in Syria

Russia Destroys Most ISIS-Daesh Heavy Weaponry, US Promptly Airdrops 50-Tons of Weapons Into Syria for the Terrorists

Thursday, October 27, 2016 7:29

Mint Press News /

The goal of U.S. policy in Syria doesn’t get any more clear; the actual mission being supported by the United States in Syria is regime change, not fighting ISIS.

Reports this week indicated that Islamic State militants were decimated by recent Russian airstrikes, and have lost “most” of their ammunition, heavy vehicles and equipment in the precision strikes, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

An array of Russian bombers and ground support aircrafts targeted Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) sites in the provinces of Raqqah, Hama, Idlib, Latakia and Aleppo, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The attacks reportedly destroyed command posts, heavy weapons, ammunition and armament depots, military vehicles, plants producing explosives, field camps and bases.

A report by RT stated:

According to intercepted communications, the militants suffer from shortages of ammunition, small arms and grenade guns. Several commanders allegedly say they will withdraw their units unless their ammunition needs are satisfied.

“Russian airstrikes resulted in the elimination of the majority of ISIS ammunition, heavy vehicles and equipment,” the Defense Ministry tweeted.

Russian anti-terror military operations in the Syrian theater were launched on September, 30, at the request of the Syrian government. The United States has since accused Russia of targeting moderate opposition in Syria, but Moscow says it is after terrorist groups such as IS and Al-Nusra Front.

Минобороны России 

#SYRIA Russian air strikes resulted in elimination of the most part of #ISIS ammunition, heavy vehicles and equipment

5:28 AM – 13 Oct 2015

To understand the U.S. position, one has to understand the rapidly evolving U.S. strategy in Syria.

The Obama Administration recently announced that its $500 million plan to train and equip vetted “moderate” rebels was a total failure. Incredibly, the U.S. came up with an even worse plan – remove the training and vetting requirement of the program, and start sending military equipment.

The new protocol embraced by the U.S. would require only leaders of the rebel groups to be vetted. Once the leader of the group is vetted weapons would flow to the group, no questions asked.

Moving quickly to operationalize their new strategy, the U.S. airdropped 50 tons of weapons and ammunition to the newly branded “Syrian Arab Coalition” forces — a U.S. rebel group re-branded, but known for its unreliability and willingness to hand weapons over to al-Qaeda and ISIS.

“Probably 60 to 80 percent of the arms that America shoveled in have gone to al-Qaeda and its affiliates,” according to Joshua Landis, a Syria expert at the University of Oklahoma.

It seems quite obvious that while the U.S. likely supplies al-Qaeda affiliate the al-Nusra front, Ahrar al Shams, and other jihadists in the Syrian combat theater, the idea that the U.S. is once again using the al-Qaeda terror network, similarly to how they were used to fight a proxy war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, should give pause to every American as a potential replaying of past U.S. foreign policy failures.

In addition to the U.S. airdropping 50 tons of weapons to Syrian rebel groups, Saudi Arabia delivered 500 TOW anti-tank missiles to anti-Assad Syrian rebels.

Highlighting the actual motivation behind the U.S. and Saudis supply rebel groups heavy weaponry, TOW anti-tank missiles provided to the rebels by the US and its allies have not been used against ISIS, but to strike Russian-made tanks of the Syrian Arab Army as it fights against al-Qaeda and ISIS.

The goal of U.S. policy in Syria doesn’t get any more clear; the actual mission being supported by the United States in Syria is regime change, not fighting ISIS.

According to a report by the Ron Paul Institute:

The TOW missile program is a CIA program, separate from the failed Defense Department rebel training program. The CIA has been arming and training unvetted rebels — many if not most foreign mercenaries rather than Syrians — to overthrow the Assad government since 2011 or 2012. The shot in the arm it has received from new shipments is obvious, as one rebel commander describes a recent attack on Assad’s forces:

‘It was a tank massacre,’ said Capt. Mustafa Moarati, whose Tajamu al-Izza group says it destroyed seven tanks and armored vehicles Wednesday.

More missiles are on the way, he said. New supplies arrived after the Russian deployments began, he said, and the rebels’ allies have promised further deliveries soon, bringing echoes of the role played by U.S.-supplied Stinger anti-aircraft missiles in forcing the Soviet Union to withdraw from Afghanistan in the 1980s.

The current strategy being undertaken is a virtual instant replay of the 1980s US proxy war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The U.S.’s arming of Afghan Islamist rebels to defeat the USSR, directly resulted in the attacks of 9/11 and the ongoing global war on terror. It would be a grave mistake for the U.S. to once again repeat the same mistakes of the past.

It’s stunning how quickly American politicians disregard the clear and present dangers of arming Islamist extremists in an effort to spur regime change. The reality that the U.S. government is supplying weapons to the same extremist groups that attacked the twin towers should serve as a wake-up call to the corrupt nature of international power politics.
The original source of this article is Mint Press News
Copyright © Jay Syrmopoulos, Mint Press News, 2016

Articles by: Jay Syrmopoulos
Disclaimer: The contents of this article are of sole responsibility of the author(s). The Centre for Research on Globalization will not be responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect statement in this article. The Center of Research on Globalization grants permission to cross-post original Global Research articles on community internet sites as long as the text & title are not modified. The source and the author’s copyright must be displayed. For publication of Global Research articles in print or other forms including commercial internet sites, contact: contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available to our readers under the provisions of “fair use” in an effort to advance a better understanding of political, economic and social issues. The material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving it for research and educational purposes. If you wish to use copyrighted material for purposes other than “fair use” you must request permission from the copyright owner.

For media inquiries:


The Best Guide to Mosquito Repellent

Source: Pest Repellent Center

Best Mosquito Repellent Guide: Get Rid of These Blood Suckers Once And For All!

With cases of the Zika virus on the rise, efficiently preventing mosquito bites should represent one of your top priorities this summer. This is easily achieved by identifying and regularly using the best mosquito repellent possible. Of course, each repelling solution has different protection ranges depending on the type of ingredients they contain. Yet few of us actually know what each mosquito repellent contains, let alone the effects of the substance in question.

This comprehensive guide will offer you an in-depth look at the best mosquito repellent options so that your summer goes by without a glitch. We’ll be offering you relevant details about what attracts mosquitoes, what drives them away, what repellent solutions contain, and whether the ingredients are safe for each and every member of your family.

Read More:

Zika Virus Scaremongering: Washington Post Now Admits it Doesn't Cause Brain Deformities

Source: Natural News | by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

After terrorizing America with Zika scaremongering, Washington Post now admits Zika virus doesn't cause brain deformities after all

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

(NaturalNews) The entire leftist media is not merely dishonest and corrupt, their science writers are unbelievably stupid and ill-informed about nearly everything in the natural world. Today, after months of printing fear-inducing "Zika terrorism" stories that scared America half to death while convincing the government to funnel billions of dollars into Zika vaccine research for Big Pharma, the Washington Post now admits it had no idea what it was talking about.

But rather than admitting its own science writers were scientifically illiterate propagandists pushing quack narratives as news, the paper now blames other scientists for the gross error by publishing a headline that's once again dishonest and deceptive: "Scientists are bewildered by Zika's path across Latin America," it proclaims.

Bewildered about "Zika's path?" The story headline should actually read, "Zika HOAX revealed... it doesn't cause brain damage after all." (Read it at this link.)

Washington Post has been shamelessly pushing the Zika HOAX for months... with no apology to readersIn the story, writers Dom Phillips and Nick Miroff essentially reveal that what the Washington Post has been writing about the Zika virus has been based entirely in government propaganda and pandemic lies pushed by the CDC, which of course has close ties to the criminal vaccine industry:

Nearly nine months after Zika was declared a global health emergency, the virus has infected at least 650,000 people in Latin America and the Caribbean, including tens of thousands of expectant mothers.

But to the great bewilderment of scientists, the epidemic has not produced the wave of fetal deformities so widely feared when the images of misshapen infants first emerged from Brazil.

Yes, the Washington Post now says the scientists are "bewildered" that their apocalyptic scare stories that caused female athletes to skip out on the Rio Olympics and scared tens of millions of Americans into poisoning themselves with DEET (a neurotoxic chemical) turned out to be total hogwash. DEET, by the way, combines with carbamate class pesticides to cause neurological dysfunction in humans, which coincidentally increases the number of people who watch CNN or read the Washington Post.

For the record, no one who reads Natural News is surprised by this revelations that has left mainstream scientists "bewildered." It's not bewildering to me. I called Zika a total hoax from day one, pointing out that the brain deformities were caused by larvacide chemicals dumped into the water supply, not by Zika. See some of my stories that clearly spelled all this out months before the Washington Post had any clue what they were writing about:

February 11, 2016: Zika HOAX exposed by South American doctors: Brain deformations caused by larvicide chemical linked to Monsanto; GM mosquitoes a 'total failure'

June 3, 2016: 10 shocking reasons why Zika virus fear is another fraudulent medical hoax and vaccine industry funding scam

August 4, 2016: ZIKA DOOMSDAY HOAX UNRAVELS: Predicted 'explosion' of brain defects didn't happen... entire scare campaign was manufactured

August 29, 2016: Zika propaganda is a 'virus of the mind' rooted in fabricated hysteria, government junk science and dark political agendas

March 2, 2016: Zika PAYDAY! Obama wants to funnel $1.8 billion for vaccine research and more

I even published a mini-documentary revealing the published science that shows how DEET insecticide causes brain damage in humans. You can watch it at this link or view the video below:

If anyone from the Washington Post bothered to read Natural News and learn about real science, they would have learned that Zika has infected tens of millions of people throughout South America for decades, with absolutely no measurable increase in neurological deformations. (But facts be damned, the WashPost had a panic to push!)

Nation after nation records tens of thousands of infections with ZERO birth defects...Despite the factual reality of the situation, the state-controlled propagandists writing for rags like the Washington Post -- a bogus newspaper that has lost all credibility in the minds of intelligent people -- continued to pummel home their kooky science theories that claimed much of the U.S. South would be overrun by brain damaging mosquitoes, turning Southerners into shrunken-brained mutants while pregnant women fled northward to survive the airborne insect onslaught.

Instead, nothing happened. No explosion in shrunken-headed babies. No wave of birth defects across Florida, even as city officials desperately bombarded their own cities with brain-damaging insecticides. No national emergency declared by Obama to bring back DDT and eradicate baby-murdering mosquitoes by dousing our open streets with thick clouds of organophosphate neurotoxins.

Instead, the rate of neurological birth defects in most countries approached zero. Via the Washington Post's own graphic: (partial list)

Venezuela: 60,791 Zika infections... ZERO birth defects
Honduras: 31,933 Zika infections... ONE birth defect
Guadalupe: 30,969 Zika infections... ZERO birth defects
Puerto Rico: 29,084 Zika infections... TWO birth defects
Mexico: 4,837 Zika infections... ZERO birth defects

From the WashPost article:

Brazilian officials were bracing for a flood of fetal deformities as Zika spread this year to other regions of the country, Marinho said. However, “we are not seeing a big increase.”

Gee, really?

The vast majority of the brain defects, it turns out, came from just one small region of Brazil. A total of 2,033 children are so far recorded with neurological defects there, even while most other countries throughout the region had ZERO birth defects (or near zero).

So what gives?

Zika mosquitoes apparently carry geopolitical maps so they can solely target BrazilYou don't have to be a genius to figure out that the stupid science theories of the mainstream media are total hokum and bunk. If Zika really did cause brain defects, it would have spread all across South America by now. It would have spread into Florida, California, Mississippi and Louisiana. It would have devastated the American South, Cuba, Haiti, Curacao and all the other island nations across the Caribbean.

Yet the neurological defects were limited almost exclusively to Brazil.

Somehow, if we believe the illiterate Washington Post science writers -- who may in fact be the only brain damage victims of Zika in North America -- mosquitoes carry MAPS to make sure they only activate their brain damage voodoo in Brazil.

"...[A]lthough the outbreak has spread this year to more than 50 nations and territories across the Western Hemisphere, U.N. data shows just 142 cases of congenital birth defects linked to Zika so far outside Brazil," says WashPost.

Yes, my friends: GPA-carrying Zika mosquitoes are very careful to limit their pandemic voodoo to just one region of Brazil. By sheer coincidence, that's the same region where larvacide chemicals were dumped into the public water supply.

Apparently, there isn't a single "official" scientist in the entire global government who has thought to test the water. Just freaking WOW... Let's throw these morons out of power in every election, okay? They don't deserve any positions of authority over anyone else. They're all so incredibly stupid, they couldn't survive at all unless they functioned as parasites on the taxpayers.

They aren't giving up hope just yet... science writers desperately hope for more brain damaged babies to prove them rightEnthusiasm for more brain damaged babies runs high at the Washington Post, which explains why they are all in for Hillary Clinton, the candidate of choice for brain damaged adults. Writing with a sense of real enthusiasm, the Washington Post can't wait for more brain damaged babies to appear:

Scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are closely watching Puerto Rico, which has reported more than 26,800 cases of Zika. More than 7,000 pregnant women could be infected by the end of the year, according to the CDC. (Yippee?)

And now, the loony tunes quack science of the Zika "scientists" goes apoplectic, grasping for silly metaphors to try to obscure the fact that they are all stupid beyond belief. Via the WashPost:

“Now we’ve settled on Zika as the smoking gun, but we don’t know who pulled the trigger,” said Marques, speaking from Recife, where he is working with government researchers.

Huh? Wha? The metaphor doesn't even make any sense.

Maybe the problem is too much fornicating. Seriously, this is now part of their idiotic theory:

“Sexual habits and hygiene may also play a role,” he said, explaining that researchers are looking at whether sexual transmission can infect the uterus and placenta with the virus, potentially exposing the fetus to elevated risk. “We suspect the villain has an accomplice, but we don’t know who it is,” Marques said.

Huh? Do they seriously think that people only have sex in Brazil but not other South American countries? Where does the Washington Post find these morons?

I'm a real scientist saying all thisAs you read all this, remember that I have rapidly become one of the world's leading research scientists on the quantitation of cannabinoids in hemp extracts using mass spec instrumentation. I led the team that developed the most pioneering (and accurate) CBD mass spec analysis method in existence today. You can read about it at this link. I also routinely test water, food and environmental samples for heavy metals, pesticides and a multitude of chemical contaminants. When I say these Zika scientists are complete morons, that's the educated opinion of an accomplished scientist correctly pointing out the lunacy of Zika scaremongering.

I could have solved this entire problem in the first few days by analyzing and detecting brain-damaging larvacide chemicals in the public water supply in Eastern Brazil. The entire project would have taken just a few days and cost almost nothing. Instead, Obama handed $1.8 billion to the vaccine companies in the midst of the Zika panic pushed by laughable rags like the Washington Post. It's all a racket, of course, just like their coverage of elections and political candidates. Everything you read at the Washington Post is a deception of one kind or another. The paper exists solely to promote the propaganda of the state so that the population can be manipulated and controlled.

The Washington Post exists to terrorize the citizens with fascist propaganda parading as scienceAs you've also learned by now, the corrupt leftist establishment of junk science, criminal politicians and idiotic journalists isn't interested in legitimate scientific solutions. They all function as extensions of a fascist state that must routinely terrorize its citizens with pandemic boogeyman scare stories in order to demand absolute obedience to the vaccine mandates that actually do damage the brains of children.

Thus, SCIENCE be damned. They've got an agenda to push, and it doesn't matter to them whether that agenda is based on a single shred of real science. Zika is dangerous because they told you so, in exactly the same way they told you Hillary Clinton is totally honest, Obamacare would make health care more affordable, there's no such thing as voter fraud in America, and GMOs and vaccines are really, really good for you.

So you can put down the DEET and stop poisoning your skin like an obedient idiot. Yes, it was all a scam. Yes, the official "science" was totally rigged. Yes, the media lied to you yet again. Yes, the CDC is a criminal racket. Yes, all the health "officials" were completely full of s**t. And no, Zika is not going to cause your babies to be born with shrunken heads. VACCINES, on the other hand, will most definitely cause brain damage, as they still contain mercury, a potent neurotoxin the Washington Post ridiculously insists becomes magically neutralized when you inject it into the body of a child.

Red more unintentional scientific comedy at this Washington Post article.


Video: 10 Tips for Deflecting a Psychic Attack

New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset Update as of Oct. 27, 2016

New Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 27 2016

Compiled in the early morning hours of 27 Oct. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces,", CEO, Child Abuse Recovery

A. Oct. 26 2016 "Manna" Republic Update: "Manna" - New Republic Update - Wednesday - October 26, 2016

1. The RV has officially begun in the restored Republic of the United States. An internal memo from Wells Fargo went out from corporate say the GCR/RV is here as of Wed. Oct. 26 2016. There was no shotgun start as previously thought.

2. As of Mon. morning Oct. 24 2016 there were 11 dozen Reno sub groups which began processing and were paying out in accessible US domiciled banks.

3. Processing was moving slowly, but finally moving with two dozen sub groups still remaining to be processed. At this hour, Reno was thought to be well over the 70% threshold requirement for private T3 exchange completion.

4. There still were some T3 SKR transactions that must be completed (including some ZIM bond/trade transactions) before the private T4 currency exchangers could begin their process we were told. There's not that many, so we don't expect a delay.

5. The beginning of T4 (Internet Group) transactions announced by 800#s, should appear sometime later this evening, Wed. Oct. 26 2016, into Thurs. morning Oct. 27 2016.

6. On November 2 2016 the public FOREX and UN Operational rates will be visible and permanently adjusted before that date.

7. ZIM platforms closed out this week at $10,250.00 USN, which was where an insurance wrap price point was settled. This was more of a banking technicality, but it's important to the process if you understood sovereign trade compliance.

8. The last back screen sovereign rate for the ZIM was $11,813.00 USN, and was expected to rise above $12,000.00 USN by the time ZIM holders entered a redemption facility.

9. The new rates of other first basket currencies: IRR & IQD $221.00 USN; VND $128.00 USN; IDR $102.00 USN; AFA $10.00 USN.

10. Wells Fargo/Abbott Downing redemption teams have been informed to give out the higher redemption rates to those sincerely desiring to accomplish global philanthropic endeavors, meaning 3rd world countries, as well as to those having domestic job creation agendas. They're not judging you, rather trying to place the most funds with those sincere about disbursing this manna out to those in the most need.

11. Look for NESARA (National Economic Security & Reformation Act) announcement after the first wave of ZIM holders have safely been redeemed.

12. This meant:

a. The US Presidential Elections would be cancelled

b. The Obama Administration would be announced as resigned

c. The USN currency would be released

d. The Federal Reserve Bank would be absorbed by the US Treasury

e. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan would be sworn in as the interim President for the newly resorted Republic per the Constitution.

B. Oct. 26 2016 Wed. October 26, 2016 9:54 pm EST ZAP: ZAP's Mid-Week Report - The Office of POOFness - 10.26.16

1. Intelligence this week pointed to release of major funds to the big boys. We have reports of money being spent, transferred and otherwise utilized. These independent reports were leaks as the main players were under strict non disclosures. Friends and family may not have the same concept of secrecy as the main player. The larger funds have been released and they were spending successfully.

2. Other releases were scheduled for the first week of Nov. The information over the last several months pointing to Oct. as the month for release of funds was accurate and this would be an ongoing process through Nov.

3. Our funds seemed to be following the same timing, even though they were separate and apart from the currency and historic asset process. These funds were in transit to our paymaster and would be cleared this week according to the bankers involved. We were making progress with our infrastructure elements that were a priority for us.

4. Reports of arrests were ongoing. I know from my sources that this is very real and escalating. I have spoken with a unit leader who was part of a several thousand man task force of special forces who were...

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bill Clinton's Alleged Son was Banned from YouTube

Source: The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

SILENCED! Bill Clinton’s Alleged Son Danney Wiliams PERMANENTLY BANNED from YouTube

Oct 26th, 2016 3:43 pm

Danney Williams was banned from YouTube today.
Danney received this email earlier today:

He will no longer be able to tell his story.
It’s too damaging to the Clintons.

Via Jack Posobiec:

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