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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Did Veterans Today Hint at the New Republic?

Operation Disclosure
January 28, 2016

Did Veterans Today just hint at the location of where the New Republic Faction (NRF) is located?

"The Tall White or Nordics seems to be peaceful and defense oriented only and have secret working arrangements with a small faction in “four corners” SW America with one American Defense Contractor and with a certain faction inside the Russian Federation."

Veterans Today: A Complete Disconnect

Rumors have been on the web that the NRF's HQ is on Native American lands just outside of Reno, Nevada. This is the reason why the illegal Federal Government has not been able to crackdown on them as they have no jurisdiction over Native American lands. They can't just send in the FBI and the BLM like its Oregon.

According to those same rumors, the NRF have agreements with the Native Americans. Description of these agreements are unknown, we can only theorize. The logical theory is the NRF have agreed to hand over territory back to the Native Americans once the Khazarian-controlled Federal Government is gone. This may be the reason why the Native Americans have given asylum to the NRF. But it is certain that there would be many more reasons.

Regarding that "certain faction inside the Russian Federation", this could be the Russian Dragon Society or a not yet disclosed Russian faction. There is no doubt that Putin is involved with these "Tall White or Nordics". Recent Russian military deployment to Syria has shown the advanced technology the Russian military posses. Is it possible that their technology may be ET influenced, "Tall White or Nordics" a.k.a. "Pleiadeans"? 
The answer is most certainly.

The restoration of the Republic, NESARA, extraterrestrial beings, secret space programs of Earth, reversed engineered alien technology, miracle healing technologies, free energy technologies, biological/chemical/weather warfare and most of all the Secret Cabal-Illuminati-Rothschild-Khazarian Societies along with their New World Order agenda and their affiliation with malevolent aliens. It is all REAL and will be DISCLOSED.

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