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Friday, January 29, 2016

Russian Jet Intercepted US Spy Plane Over Black Sea

(Franco Iacch)

A Russian Su-27 has intercepted an American spy plane over the Black Sea. The incident happened on 25 January, but the Department of Defense has announced only a few hours ago.

The RC-135U Combat Sent was in international airspace over the Black Sea when - according to the reconstruction of the Pentagon - would be intercepted by a Su-27 Flanker.

According to the US intercept would take place in an "unsafe and unprofessional."

The incident was also discussed with the Russian side, a few days ago, during a joint focus on flight safety in Syria, whereas the two parties are active in the region.

The Russian fighter would come to less than twenty feet from the airplane American spy.

It is not impossible that the Su-27 (whose equipment was not detected) has tested some capacity ELINT (ELectronic-signals INTelligence) the American spy.,

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