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Thursday, February 18, 2016

419 Officially Confirmed Problems with the F-35

by Franco Iacch

F-35, official confirmation: detected to date 419 Criticalities

The F-35, including hardware and software failures, presents 419 criticalities. It is confirmed by the head of the F-35 program for the Department of Defense, the General Christopher Bogdan, during a press conference held at his headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

"The number continues to fall, but to date we have hundreds of technical challenges to address and resolve. Confirmed are 419 problems that we must solve. I think we could do it within the next two years, probably by the first quarter of 2018 ".

Bogdan, despite the critical issues and challenges, confirmed the Initial Operational Capacity of the F-35A with the Air Force, scheduled for August of 2018.

"The biggest problems we are encountering on the main missions systems (radar and sensors). Alis (Autonomic Logistics Information System) is not reliable. "

ALIS is the nerve center of the F-35 system and should give the drivers as well as the strength to support the ground, the ability to take proactive steps to ensure the efficiency of the fighter in any theater of operations. The version of ALIS delivered to Marine is 2.0.1. This version implements all the improvements made to date as part of an incremental development approach.

Improved and increased the real-time capabilities of aircraft maintenance, as well as mission planning and debriefing. The missions are loaded on a hard disk. Once on the network, monitors the ALIS hunting and suggests to ground staff the maintenance required before and after the mission.

Despite the improvements made (last July false positives were detected by 80%), ALIS is suffering from "multiple critical due to a complex architecture with likely and largely untested computer deficiencies".

(Photo: BAE Systems)

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