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Sunday, February 21, 2016

9/11 -- First Known Detonation of Cold Fusion Bomb

911/ first known detonation of a cold fusion bomb 

By Hayden
February 21, 2016

I came across this youtube link a couple years ago when I was researching some of our "false flags" -- and in light of the Rothschild-Kazarian-Mafia post I made earlier today, I thought I would share this, both for its chilling display of technological weapons by the cabal, as well as the power of harnessing the field for zero point energy devices in our future: for me it is a very credible scientific argument that the WTC was not only 'detonated' in demolition style, but that it was 'vaporized' -- how else to really explain 670 million tons of matter per tower crashing down in 9.8 seconds on lower Manhattan and not spilling out over blocks and blocks, much less busting the damns around the foundation which kept out the Hudson and East Rivers -- but it is a scientist's very thorough presentation of her findings at a conference in Europe in 2011, that is quite compelling -- and sorry, this is a long video, but I've just given you the cliff note. D

Dr Judy Wood/ Dawn of New Age - molecular weapons and destruction of WTC — can be used for free energy

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