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Mr. Ed's Intel Update (Real News): "Tonight's Intel/More Intel" -- April 30, 2017

Posted By: Mr.Ed [ Send E-Mail ] Date: Sunday, 30-Apr-2017 01:34:17 Source:  Rumor Mill News INTEL Update (Real News) via email - &qu...

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cabal Infiltration in the Truther and Disclosure Movement

We all know it has happened and IS happening… but are we aware how?

Just how discerning ARE we? Are we clever enough?

I’m going where a lot of people don’t want to go because they don’t have the courage to face the truth. They want a black and white template to follow so they know who to trust.

In light of the download of information by certain undisclosed parties to Thomas Williams and Drake of the Cosmic Voice show, I am revisiting this. I’ll get to them in a moment.

I haven’t been popular with some for my negative comments on the David Wilcock/Corey Goode/James Corey/Michael Salla disclosure program—and I use the word “program” intentionally.

I am ALL for disclosure. Total, 100 per cent, full, no holds barred, nothing held back disclosure. What I am NOT in favour of is blindly granting amnesty to the criminals without even knowing everything they did—in exchange for the so-called “truth” about the Secret Space Programs. (SSP)

I know that over time I have been mislead in many areas and believe things that are incorrect because I trusted various individuals to bring us fact, and I am up to the task of facing the lies, throwing out the false information and assimilating the painful truth. As Thomas said on the show on Wednesday, the Internet is full of lies.

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