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Thursday, February 25, 2016

FBI and BLM Agents Linked to Corruption, Cover-ups and More

FBI & BLM Top Agents Linked To Corruption, Cover Ups & Much More!

Published by Spiro on Feb 24, 2016 

Special Agent in Charge Bretzing’s link to this case is troubling in light of the accusations of wrongdoing and excessive tactics that mirror the current situation in Burns, Or. and the circumstances surrounding the death of LaVoy Finicum. Now enter into the equation the question of Indian Artifacts at the Malhuer Reserve and accusations that occupiers were defiling them and one must begin to become suspect. Considering Agent Bretzing’s connection to another investigation, one involving the FBI and fraud, corruption and National Security Leaks out of the FBI’s Salt Lake City Office, it is a downright frightening pattern. Throw Bretzing’s ties to BLM Agent Dan Love and Love’s connection to the Bundy’s into this circus of similar coincidences and that pattern begins to crystallize. Where FBI Agent Greg Bretzing goes, questions of corruption, fraud, strong arm tactics and death will follow.

Video: FBI & BLM Top Agents Linked To Corruption, Cover Ups & Much More!

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FBI Agent in Charge of Oregon Occupation Linked to National Security Breach Fraud Corruption

Published by Spiro on Jan 30, 2016 
Greg Bretzing, now out of the FBI’s Portland, OR. branch and current Special Agent in Charge of the Malhuer Occupation and LaVoy Finicum shooting was an Assistant Special Agent in Charge at the time of the investigation. The report prompted the Salt Lake City field office to begin re-evaluating its security procedures, according to sources inside the FBI. Security clearance procedures were reassessed to ensure each individual had the appropriate credentials and access.

I Would Like to thank Katie for sending the info my way :) She Is Awesome! here is her site She Is also on the NewsBud Crew with me. Thank you!

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