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"So if say General Dunford was going to deploy the national guard for like a week, doing so on Memorial Day wouldn't look out of place in the least. Almost would look parade float-esque as assault tanks drove down Main Street and massive Huey's flew over interstate highways."





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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Oregon House Bill 4087 Hides Names of LaVoy's Killers

Oregon House Bill 4087 to Hide Names of Assassin's of Lavoy Finicum

Published by Baron Von Muller on Feb 17, 2016

"The Police State is going to rush through House bill 4087 in Oregon to protect the names of the Assassin's who shot Lavoy Finicum down in cold blood in "The Harney County Ambush". The names of the Paramilitary Blackwater Mercenaries will never come to the light of day, if these Criminals get their way. And the Judge may seal the future civil case from the eyes of Americans, but remember this Mercs; "Murder has no Statue of limitations" !!!"

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