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Monday, February 1, 2016

Regarding Fulford's Report, 'poor working FBI stiff or local sheriff.'

Notes From The Villa

By Ricardo Montalban
February 1, 2016

Quoting Benjamin Fulford:
"It is understandable for patriotic Americans to feel angry with the Federal Government. However, picking the wrong battle against the wrong enemy will only result in defeat. The enemy is not in Oregon, it is in Washington DC and New York, so, if you really feel like fighting for freedom, go there and attack the Khazarian mob bosses like the Bush/Clinton crime family and do not take it out on some poor working FBI stiff or local sheriff."
Ben I wouldn't call them poor working stiffs. They should be charged with premeditated murder, conspiracy to commit murder and murder in the first degree.

The truck when they release it will show the evidence of over 100 rounds fired. They survived only by miracle. They fired no shots and were lying on the floor. They set up the spot to assassinate them by firing upon the truck in the first stop and leaving a space to run away to a predetermined spot away from witnesses where they shot Finicum in cold blood and attempted to murder the others.

I previously posted this that explains in more detail.

"Oh yeah definitely a predetermined spot on the road where they wanted him to stop and he drove right into it. Away from any witness from the first spot and secluded where they planned to murder the others but they miraculously survived the 100+round barrage that was not warranted cause the occupants never fired a shot. They won’t show pictures of the truck yet or Finicums autopsy. Btw that manned aerial vehicle at 3 – 5 thousand feet had the capability of sharp images unlike the ones that were purposely not clear. The operator had that option. They should be charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and murder in the first degree. That’s why they’re hiding the truck. That’s why the video wasn’t clear. That’s why the aerial operator didn’t have his IR, infrared, turned on showing the positions of the people in the truck lying face down under visual IR hail of bullets as well as all the other people firing and their positions. Damning evidence they didn’t want to reveal of their criminal acts."

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