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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sheriffs Turned Their Back During Beyoncé’s Performance

Here’s Why America’s Sheriffs Turned Their Back During Beyoncé’s Performance

V Saxena | Conservative Tribune
Feb 8, 2016

(Full article at link above)

Members of the National Sheriffs’ Association turned their back on Beyoncé Knowles this Sunday during her Super Bowl performance of the race-baiting song “Formation.”

Specifically, the sheriffs, who were at an annual legislative meeting in Washington, turned off the volume and video to the television when Beyoncé began singing “Formation,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Breitbart explained that a music video released for “Formation” last week showed police officers harassing young black people. It also included graffiti that read, “Stop shooting us.”

The underlying premise to Beyoncé’s video was that police officers across America have been unfairly targeting black people for execution. This is a blatant lie that has been disproved countless times, yet racial grievance mongers like Beyoncé and her friends in the “Black Lives Matter” movement continue to peddle it.

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