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Saturday, February 20, 2016

What We Must Recognize In Order to Move Forward

By Brigantine
February 20, 2016

In order to move forward, we must recognize and understand what has been done to us.

Perhaps some day soon, the people will come to recognize the left / right paradigm is an artificial construct, specifically designed by the powers that be to keep us squabbling amongst ourselves while they rape and pillage with impunity.

If you doubt this, all you have to do is take an honest look at the last five or six presidents and their actions. Each one, regardless of their "side of the aisle" has brought us inexorably closer to a totalitarian government. Obama, the purported "constitutional scholar" gave me some hope for about fifteen minutes. Until he filled his cabinet with bankers. And then, instead of repealing the totalitarian map, the unconstitutional "Patriot Act," he proceeded to extend and enhance it.

Until the people recognize this trend en masse and move to stop it, totalitarianism is where we are headed.

Unfortunately, I doubt America can be pulled away from its tailgating, ballgames and reality shows long enough to figure out they are chattel. Quite frankly, it saddens me to no end, to be awake in a sleeping world.

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