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Thursday, March 10, 2016

'No One Would Even Think of It'

By Steve Beckow
March 9, 2016

We talk a lot about love, but not as much about free will. But they’re equally important topics.

May I go a little ways into the latter subject please, from my point of view?

The failure to respect free will is, for me, one of the biggest obstacles to having successful relationships, business arrangements, friendships and families.

Don’t tell me what to do; stop giving me orders, I hear myself saying to people, over and over again. Of course all of it came from my relationship with my father.

But it shows how impacted (I originally wrote “warped and insane”) we can be if our free will is consistently denied, as mine was growing up.

I learned from that “failure to communicate” that relationship was a negotiated affair. No one “needs to” relate to us if they don’t want to. I didn’t need to relate to my father. I really didn’t. I would not accept a “have to” or a “should” in this area.

The failure to respect free will is, in my eyes, an endemic on the planet. Just look at how we seem continuously to have a war going on somewhere. War is the final denial of free will.

The allowance of free will, provided no one else is harmed by our exercise of it, is a natural and universal law. If we violate the free will of another, my understanding is that we just generated karmic lessons for ourselves until we learn to respect it.

What obstacles do we meet here in the still-somewhat-murky Fourth, with chaos swirling around us, in the exercise of our free will? I say it not to be moralistic but to really enquire into a subject that is practical to people who are adjusting to higher dimensionality, as we all are.

The first kind of obstacle is people telling us what we “should” do. It can take the form of people asking for conformity. Or “having our best interests at heart” and advising us for our own good. Or interpreting society’s norms to us. Or acting self-servingly.

Shoulds, expectations, and obligations slow us down. Practiced habitually, they can amount to manipulation. Where we’re going, there won’t be any of this. People will not manipulate each other, overtly or covertly, a little or a lot.

So if any of this still exists in our own repertoires, time to let it go.

The second kind of obstacle we meet in the exercise of our free will is inappropriate demands.

There are appropriate demands, I’m sure. I’m only speaking of the inappropriate.

Demands for obedience – whether from parents, religions, governments, or others – that have their roots in control are inappropriate where we’re headed.

Demands for conformity that have no demonstrable basis in need are going to prove inappropriate.

Demands for such things as entitlement, deference, special consideration, perks and privileges, based on position, birth, wealth, “social standing,” etc., will also become inappropriate behavior where we’re going.

Presuming to judge or look down on another’s behavior will become inappropriate. Taboos will disappear and choice will be restored in all things, providing no one is harmed.

We can, if we wish, simply wait to be where we’re headed. But we gain new skills and talents by doing the work ourselves before the environment does it for us. Life is here, I think, for us to learn and gain new skills that will help us realize our true identity. Why pass up an opportunity to learn?

If we were in that elevated setting (Fifth Dimension or higher), everyone would be in bliss. Everyone would be peaceful, satisfied, curious to explore, willing to be consulted, able to travel and attend meetings on the far side of the universe … and to talk about what we just went through.

Such a society would have no room for shoulds and taboos and conformity, except where invited or absolutely needed.

I fantasize that it will take the experience of global abundance and a total and perceptible change of government before some people will exhale and relax. And why should it not after what we’ve all been through? I’m not criticizing.

But I can see a day in which the whole world will be free, the free will of all will be respected, and none would even think of violating the free will of their neighbor. Respect for the free will of all is a vital component of a world that works

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