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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 20, 2018

Several hidden underground outposts were discovered around Yellowstone National Park.

The Cabal-MIC were attempting to set off Yellowstone Caldera (super volcano) with HAARP weaponry in a last ditch effort to commit martyrdom.

"If we can't have it, then no one will." This is the current mentality of the remaining rogue Cabal elements.

Alliance Ghost Operative Teams were dispatched to these locations and have successfully destroyed over 4 outposts in the area.

In other news, the collapse of the current financial system is imminent.

The new financial system is online, but currently dormant.

All currencies worldwide are gold/asset-backed on the new financial system.

The back screen rates you've been told about are from the new financial system.

The Alliance must release the RV in order to replace the current financial system with the new one.

This must occur before the current fiat financial system collapses.

It is a race against time.

If the Cabal cleanup operation is not complete before the collapse, the RV will be released nonetheless.

The Alliance will continue the Cabal cleanup operation Post-RV despite the risk.




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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Operation Chaos - CIA's List of Covert Operations

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An Interview with Richard Helms — Central Intelligence ...
... In retrospect, do you agree with the findings of the Rockefeller Commission
that some domestic activities, such as Operation Chaos, exceeded the ...
- 52k - 2007-05-08

The CIA's Internal Probe of the Bay of Pigs Affair — Central ...
... that it was no longer operating within its ... Kennedy; see Luis Aguilar, ed.,
Operation Zapata: The ... F. Kennedy, Chief of Naval Operations Arleigh Burke ...
- 85k - 2011-08-03

[PDF] CIA's Covert Operations in the Congo, 1960–1968: Insights ...
... cooper- ated in another operation, DRAGON NOIR, to ... into economic ruin and,
ultimately, political chaos. ... the completion of the operations and are ...
- 120k - 2014-10-06

[PDF] Transitioning into CIA: The Strategic Services Unit in ...
... Ironically, the most important SSU officer operating in In- donesia ...Operation
ICEBERG ... II, Operations in the Field (Government Printing Office, 1949...
- 271k - 2016-03-25

OSS in Asia — Central Intelligence Agency
... When OSS finally began operating in strength ... demanded that American
intelligence operations in China ... eventually “thrived on chaos,” according to ...
- 58k - 2008-06-28

... also supplied C-46s for Operation Cognac, during ... At the operationsarea Woody
Spence suffered a ... Operating out of perilous landing sites and hand ...
- 403k - 2015-03-18

Appendices: The Contra Story — Central Intelligence Agency
... the Saturnino Beltran Commandos operating near the ... a number of drug
smuggling operations took place ... The operation came to a halt sometime in ...
- 102k - 2007-04-26

The Last Days in Saigon — Central Intelligence Agency
... to be renamed the Directorate of Operations). ... a larger North Vietnamese military
operation known as ... wanted to avoid spurring chaos amongst the ...
- 53k - 2015-05-01

DCI's Worldwide Threat Briefing — Central Intelligence ...
... The chaos here is providing an incubator for ... traffickers and militant Islamic
groups operating in such ... that Bin Ladin's terrorist operations could lead ...
- 95k - 2008-06-20

The CIA and the Marshall Plan — Central Intelligence Agency
... the hearts and minds of Europeans and launched operations to counter
or doctrine but against hunger, poverty, desperation, and chaos.". ...
- 46k - 2013-04-30

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