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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Regarding that Meeting with the 54 Private Jets

Notes From The Villa | March 12, 2016

What if that meeting with 54 Private jets on that Georgia Island was to not only discuss how to get rid of Trump but also to figure out how to fool dinarland into thinking Paul Ryan was the New President of the New Republic with Dunford as VP and the USA Corp was no more but in fact would have been a fake out.

And what if the good guys got wind of their plan to use Ryan to fool us, so the good guys put it out first using Y and others to expose the Khazarian Mafia plan to use Ryan as President so that it blew out their chances to surprise us and have us fall into their trap.

Once we've already heard of the plan we began to analyse it question it and determine that whoa horse, Ryan is cabal and a traitor why would he be chosen for the New Republic? Something is fishy.

My point is that dinarland having a multi million across the world audience, is the perfect place to announce something about rv or Republic and the good guys put out disinfo sometimes in order to preempt and disrupt Kharzian Mafia plans to use dinarland for their false agendas. Fight fire with fire in other words.

Richard of Montalbon


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