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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Russian Spetsnaz, Syrian Army Capture Killer of Russian Pilot

22:35, 03/10/2016.

In Syria was caught Alparslan Steel, Turkish terrorists who killed the Russian Sukhoi 24 pilot Oleg Peškova. Details of his arrests were not disclosed, but it is known that he was captured by members of the Syrian army, reports the Iranian agency Fars.

Steel is a Turkmen member of a terrorist group, "Syrian Wolves", which is loyal to Turkey.

He was after the murder of Russian pilot spotted at a funeral in Turkey, and, unofficially, Putin has sent a special unit in Latakia to catch a terrorist.

For Čelik (Steel) in Syria searched Russian Spetsnaz and in Turkey he was sought by famous Russian specialists better known as the members of the military secret service GRU.


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