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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

'Getting Along' Human Dilemma of the Mexican People

By GPD (Guest Posting Department)
April 26, 2016

Written Anonymously

A subset of our human dilemma is the Mexican People demanding Earth Justice:

How many hundreds of years have these control systems been going on?

The Spanish finally leave, but they leave their control systems to generate allegiance to their scam memes. Categorizing people, holding them accountable for our characterization, is fantasy; we are applying statistics, which is a mathematical model of the behavior of populations, to individuals. Individuals may be part of a set in the model, but that doesn’t mean they actually are in fact. We can only know our self. We cannot presume to know another, and expecting another to behave according to our model of them is narcissistic and fundamentally violent, not because it always is or even sometimes is, but because it inevitably will be.

Love is the only way, out of all ways, that works all ways.

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