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Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Reason Why Ted Cruz is Not Eligible for Presidency

It is a given the Corporate Organized Crime Kabbal designing the American political charade is indifferent to any lawful stature of one of their puppet candidates.

But Cruz, even in corporate legal fiction self-ordained by the organized crime kabball's own rules, clearly shows that Cruz is NEITHER legally, or lawfully eligible to hold the office of Corporate CEO of the DC Corporation.

In other words, the whole Cruz campaign is an illegal, AND an unlawful fraud.

Ted Cruz is a Canadian citizen, and NOT legally or lawfully eligible to hold the office of CEO of the DC Corporation.

This is not convoluted rocket science.

It is a clear cut case.

By law, Ted Cruz cannot be President of the United States.

Why Ted Cruz is NOT Legally Eligible to be President.

By pushing Cruz up the flagpole as a legitimate candidate, what the RNC organized crime mafioso's are doing, and what the mainstream media is doing - in addition to switching votes, and committing voter fraud - is both illegal AND unlawful.

Published on Sep 20, 2014 By ppsimmons


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