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Friday, April 1, 2016

Tory Smith -- Everything is Recorded in your DNA

Dear Brothers and sisters,

Today i wanted to share this information so we can help this Brothers who the Creator has given a gift to read DNA of everyone.


Tory Smith
Hello My life themes are Healer and Survivor. I love to read DNA and have started a blog

He has made so many VIDEOS of all those Organization and who are raping, child trafficking, Cloning, abusing, Mind control using alien technology, and also Murdering children. 
All these things which are against Humanity. 

Yes my brothers and sisters everything he can read what you have done in your LIFE.

The DNA is used to record everything and is stored in the AKASHIC records, for later to go threw them so you can see what needs to corrected or what have learned from the life experience, and every bad thing you have done to a other person.

So why do we need JUSTICES system and LAWYERS, if you your self can read your deeds in your DNA.

SO we can use TORY SMITH to read any bodies DNA, and provide what these Brothers and sisters who all of them are which have been doing this NEGATIVE DEEDS.

I hope again that this INFORMATION has helped, that we all have our GIFTS and we are here to help each other, and make this a better world.

Please contact TORY SMITH, and see that he gets the HELP and SUPPORT he needs.

Have a blessed day.

Tory Smith : Everything is Recorded in Our DNA
Why are DNA readings taking so long? 30MondayNov 2015 Posted by readmydna in DNA Reading Info ≈ Comments Offon...

Tory Smith GIFT from the Creator to READ the DNA.
Dear Brothers and Sisters how are all of you today. I wanted to share again this information about this BROTHER ...

His last VIDEO: He has a meeting with the INDIANA State POLICE.
APRIL 1, 2016

All About Me
Since I am accusing the Indiana State Police of being involved in the Indianapolis Child Trafficking Operation a...

Ronald Wederfoort
+5999 5156118 |

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