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Monday, May 9, 2016

CLS MIL RPT 5/9/2016 -- Earth Tilt Corrected, Trapped Aliens

CLS MIL RPT 5/9/2016 EARTH TILT CORRECTED & Help Free Trapped Aliens

Last week, around May 5th, 2016, Using SOURCE ENERGY, Ron Amitron and the Creation Lightship Fleet corrected a tilt that had occurred in the axis of our planet. Toward the end of last week you may have noticed physical sensations reflecting that.

This report begs the question that if some entities were hoping to have us be in trouble with a pole shift, it might indicate it would be wise for them to rethink their plans.

-------------------------- Also -------------------------------

We can still all do our part getting hierarchical aliens off our backs by playing this video:

Help humanity get free of the negative influences of hurtful aliens who are also trapped here working in the unsolvable reincarnation prison system, which is used to torture humans over and over.

Many of the alien heirarchy are also trapped, and being used just like we are against their wills.

Through your playing this healing/clearing video - SOURCE ENERGY is giving them a way to escape their own enslavement by others. They can now end being trapped here, and return to their real home safely, or go directly into the REAL LIGHT - their choice.

The more often you play this video out loud while having the LightBeing portrait onscreen, the more TRUE SOURCE LIGHT goes into your room, and the more of the trapped aliens that will be released, and off our backs, and not interfering with our sovereign affairs.

Shrink the video down, put it in the corner of the screen, and continuously help them, and us, by playing it over and over.

Go for it!

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