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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 23, 2018

On the 19th-20th, removal operations of underground Cabal outposts around Idaho and Wyoming were occurring.

Sources reported that Cabal-MIC military formations were moving from Idaho to Wyoming.

These military formations were intercepted by the Alliance's SSP fleet over Nevada as seen below:

The Cabal-MIC military formation was annihilated. A few ships were allowed to retreat in order to track where they were headed.

The retreating Cabal-MIC ships disappeared near Torc Mountain located in Ireland.

Alliance Ghost Operative Teams on the ground were able to find the exact location of their outpost through documents found at one of their previous outposts near Yellowstone.

(Note: All info that is leaked already occurred and is no longer compromising to the plans and security of the Alliance.)

The RV will begin once all levels of Cabal threats have been neutralized.

If this is not accomplished in due time, the RV will begin before the financial system crashes.

The checklist for the RV release only needs one last check ✔ for the following:

- Neutralization of the Cabal

Deadline: Before the financial system collapses.




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(Video) David Wilcock -- Disclosure, Cabal's Defeat, Ancient Aliens, and Inner Earth

Published on Feb 19, 2018

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dutch News Channel NOS' Blatant Anti-Russia Propaganda


Once upon a time there was a man called Dr. Ignaz Semmelwise once highly respected physician who dared to challenge establishment or main stream thoughts and paradigm of his colleagues and by doing it, brought revenge of all skeptics on his own good and till that moment - fortunate and recognized physician esteem.

He would plight in those days of 1847 that by merely washing the hands and cleaning operation rooms, instruments before surgical procedure, would drastically reduce mortality rate, among established and recognized medical community.

Due to his conviction in thought and practise he was deliberately met with harsh criticism among medical universe and ultimately lost his medical practise license, with even further finishing touch, that reflect itself in the form of having ''no talks'' among medical authorities nor among his ex- colleagues, regarding his ridicules proposal, idea and statement.

Here comes the crux of the provoked problem ! Namely, contemporary science just some 150 years ago had no means and resources in tracing these claims, these new ideas on an technically re-producible level, coupling with the challenge accordingly nor simulating it in laboratories and established universities. So in that sense skepticism was only what it was left regarding proof and self-research or investigation.

In essence, from one side this great historical account brings us again to already known conclusion in previous e mail chronicles, where iconoclastic resurgence of thought -provoking situation must not be met with just moral absence, abhorrent denial and childish negligence.

This unique allegorical example could be used as potential blue-print example how we as collective are continually failing due to our presumptions, assumptions, our false-ego and ''false pride thinking'' and daring claiming '' to know something '', teaching someone or giving lectures regarding something and anything.

''Access to Information, Access To Truth'' is the first corner stone of someone structural up bringing, potent learning process and final educational arrival as recognized universal item before starting to make any further educational steps on any given level and incarnated planet.

Conscious Fabrication: Dutch News Channel NOS' Blatant Anti-Russia Propaganda

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