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Saturday, May 21, 2016

In response to "Exposing the Ill-mormonati by Hope for the World"

By Jeremp

This will not be a long post as it does not need to be; however it is requisite to respond.

1) The relevance of this post on the Operational Disclosure website is in question? We are all looking to the fall of the Cabal and the return to the constitutional rule of Law (the constitution being primarily written by Masons, which at one times was an honorable organization) as well as freedom from the Babylonian money magic system in which we all currently find ourselves enslaved. That being said I see no relevance to this post in this venue whatsoever.

2) In actual response to the article, while not entirely inaccurate, was filled with half-truths and logical fallacies. The which, in order to keep this post small, I will not address here. However, I will quote the Holy Bible, (to which I can only assume many of the readers of this forum subscribe) we read where the serpent was tempting Eve, “And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die...but ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” We can see the three ways that we are deceived: A) a full on lie, ye shall not surely die. B) a half-truth, ye shall be as the gods C) a truth out of context, ye shall know good and evil.

Let us not fall for these tactics.

One day all the truths will be known, and very soon as the Cabal falls and truths are preached from the rooftops.

In an interesting parting note, for those who subscribe to Zorra, Zaraya/Billy of the Hollow Earth Network, they have corroborated that the Book of Mormon and Pearl of Great Price are accurate histories, numerous times. And have allowed one of their close friends, Rodney, to speak on some of their calls about the truthfulness of those books.

And for you COBRA followers, just recently COBRA stated that the visitations (not visions) claimed by Joseph Smith were in fact real and did happen.

Perhaps we should look at everything with a renewed hunger for truth and discernment; and not subscribe to old politically charged and lazy labels, like conspiracy theorist or religious zealot.

Let’s pray together that the RV and other relevant changes occur soon.

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