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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Response to Deep Source, Inauguration in the Philippines

My gut is telling me that this report by "Deep Source" is a diversion from the real issues that were addressed by Anna von Reitz regarding the play by the top Khazarians in China.

The Chinese Family (Grandfather) needs some time to straighten out the mess brewing in China and realign the forces back behind Xi Jinping. He needs a couple of months or so.

The whole thing with the Philippines and Duterte now appears to be a smoke screen for keeping people's minds occupied until the shenanigans in China are resolved.

Thing about this... Who really believes that the Philippines is the last stronghold of the Khazarian Mafia. I don't, not for a second.

Secondly, what sense does it make to hold the whole world ransom just so that the Philippines can get its house in order. Now that Duterte is elected, the gold in the Philippines is secure to be used for its original intended purpose.

The problem is resolved for all intents and purposes. The rest is just a smoke screen to buy more time to corner the top Khazarians in China IMHO.

So this could drag out until the end of summer or fall depending upon China's internal politics going through its motions.

Because Grandfather holds the key to the releases, he can hold up the release of funding distribution indefinitely until the rebelling Chinese concede.

Once the Chinese Military realizes that they won't be able to receive a penny under the Khazarian promises, they will throw their power in behind Xi Jinping and Grandfather.

You see, Grandfather didn't take everything this far without complete control of the worldwide financial system through both the Matrix II system and control of the new CIPS payment system. The Khazarians won't be able to make good on any if their promises, as they will be locked out of even their own funding.

What will happen is a huge purging of those Chinese officials that betrayed Xi Jinping and his mandate. They may as well take their pistol, go quietly into the bathroom, and climb into the tub for the last time.

I suspect that this won't drag on for very long once the reality sets in. But it will still likely take a few months to resolve.


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