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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 14, 2017

The Galactic advisers in charge of directing the Alliance to release the RV are now on planet, in the United States physically overseeing the RV release.

Energy blockades are preventing accurate dates for the timing of the RV from being leaked.

HSBC have successfully tested the quantum system by exchanging certain individuals from ZIM groups in Zurich, Switzerland.

Most members of Congress are not aware of the RV nor the restored Republic. Also, most of them are not directly part of the Cabal, rather they were being manipulated by the Cabal. The few who were part of the Cabal have already been contained by the Alliance.

Trump is aware of the RV and is following instructions given by the Alliance and the Galactic's.

USN to be announced before Christmas. Announcer currently unknown.

Possible RV release before the UN operational rates update tomorrow (prediction).




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Sunday, June 12, 2016

False Flag Gay Club Shooting -- Where are the Ambulances?


Although I have another post tonight on the Pulse nightclub bloodbath, the thoughts below are significant enough to be set off in a separate post.

Already, the comments sections on sites across the world are filling up with hatred toward Christians and white males. The claims are that a white male Christian nut targeted homos thus we need to exterminate Christianity.

A few other comments I’ve seen say that the Muslims did it.

No one knows what’s going on, but every libturd moron on the planet is uptonight keyboarding his/her hatred of the white race, Christianity, and decency.

One commenter has already raised the possibility that the shooting is a psy op. The commenter’s handle is “Conspiracy Smurf.”

Another drill? Maybe. Mass shooting at a gay bar and there is a hostage situation. I question the validity because as the shooter opened fire the restaurant the club took a moment to update their FB page telling everyone to “run and keep running”…because it makes perfect sense that if you are there in the club and shooting is happening you are going to be checking your Facebook. Right? Then the cops “warned” (per cnn article) everyone to not call or email them and that all info would come via Twitter only. (Twitter is prominent source of info in drills and exercises). Then explosions were heard but the public was told these were planned detonations by the police. Sure sounds drilly. They say bloody people are being pulled out but it’s been 3 hours and not one photo or video of any of that happening, just a few of first responders.

First Suggestion the Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting was a Drill Leading to Gun Confiscation | saboteur365


20 people have been shot and over 40 wounded in an attack on an LGBTQ nightclub in Florida. FBI are now saying that this is an act of terrorism. There have been controlled explosions carried out by security services and the suspects car is being searched.

We are told that at 2am this morning the gunman exchanged shots with police officers and then took hostages inside the nightclub. Police decided to storm the building at around 5am resulting in the death of the of the suspect.

Look how close the medical centre is… yet no EMT’s on the scene?


What is very interesting when you watch any of the footage that is coming out is that THERE ARE NO AMBULANCES OR EMERGENCY MEDICAL TEAMS ANYWHERE NEAR THE SCENE!

At no time during the hours i have been watching have i seen any emergency medical staff! The entire area is cordoned off by police cars at either end of the street and NO AMBULANCES ARE ON SITE despite a hospital being situated close by.

I cannot say that this proves that we are looking at another orchestrated event, but one would think that when something like this happens we would expect to see at least some kind of medical response to the scene, right?

Look at the following images and you will see a lack of ambulances & emergency medics at the scene…

Despite the fact that no group has taken responsibility for this “attack” it is still being described as an act of terrorism.

Don't forget the other strange occurrence DURING the shooting. The management team of Pulse nightclub actually had time to put out a message on Facebook DURING the attack. Who on earths name takes to Facebook if bullets are flying? More to the point, why would anyone in the nightclub check facebook to see what the bullets were all about? There is something very off about this whole event, and as the day goes on i suspect more strangeness will present itself.

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