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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hillary's Campaign, Strange Electro-Magnetic Disturbance

When Hillary Clinton arrived in Santa Barbara Sat., June 4th, around 10:30AM, a few transformers blew in the Santa Barbara area leaving a few thousand in the dark.

This was nothing new, when Vice Pres. Biden flew into Santa Barbara three, (3) years ago, other transformers blew which put people in the dark and traffic signals out of commission.

Needless to say, Southern Calif. Edison was quite busy that day as well as yesterday!!!

Biden's arrival around midnight caused a pink glow down a long parking lot which a car with tail lights couldn't have done.

My point is, some kind of electro-megnetic apparatus, follows these people around, wherever they go. What kind of planes are they flying in and where is the electro-magnetic coming from?

A few years back, the "Ronald Reagan Missle Cruise Ship" was docked in town and they were doing some type of manuvers....several electric gates opened in the Montecito area, due to the electro-magnetic system on ship.

Hillary's going on to Fresno, tomorrow, will be interesting to see if that town has power-outages as will as 30 other stops she intends to make.

Good luck with the grid!

Here's her talk she gave to 75 hand-picked female leaders in the area.

I laughed when she made the comment about her "phone pops open" when her grandkids call.

She also mentioned how Trump says people will be put on trains and in camps. (Think FEMA which she helped develop along with the Bush cartel.

More to be revealed!

Source: KEYT

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