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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lake Riesco, Chile Mysteriously Disappeared Overnight

Quite possibly the largest overnight lake disappearance in history happened at Lake Riesco in Patagonia, Chile

Most people have heard stories about lakes that drain overnight, and they are usually small lakes that have an explained reason - such as a mine under the lake getting too close and breaching - for disappearing. Such lakes usually have a depth of 10 or 20 feet and are not much over half a square mile. So you can explain where the water went. This is not the case with Lake Riesco.

Lake Riesco was more than five square miles and had an average depth of over 230 feet, with a maximum depth of over 450 feet. All the water vanished overnight without a trace and there is no obvious explanation for where it went, no huge holes, cracks NOTHING to indicate what happened. It was there the night before and gone in the morning. So I guess a huge alien space ship showed up and took it. anyway

There was a river going into it, so it should be obvious what happened - just follow the river to where it is vanishing but at present there is no official explanation for what happened, and whatever this lake vanished into has not been found.

Lake Riesco was a major attraction for Patagonia. Just Google "Lake Riesco" and see what comes up, other than the recent articles about it disappearing. It was a well known tourist attraction, and not an isolated pond. That makes this disappearance all the more strange.

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