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Sunday, June 12, 2016

North Korea is Building an Amusement Park?

crazy world
17:58, 06.10.2016

North Korea has a reputation of most closed country in the world. Therefore, there is so much of daily life in North Korea, we do not know, and what little information we collect comes from refugees and very few tourists that are allowed to visit this country.

One of these tourists was Reditor redseedit. He visited North Korea during the summer of 2012. When he came home, he examined the pictures when he encountered something strange.

This image was created on Taesongsan Revolutionary Cemetery located at the top of the mountain and looking at the capital Piongjang.

Enjoying the view, makes a few photos and environment. When he looked better photos, I noticed something strange. Do you see?

When zoomed in, he found something that looked like a roller coaster, except that the rails were full of people. What is going on here?

Here you can see how the rails are continuing and enter the woods.

When he discovered this weird roller coaster, he began a little to make inquiries. Apparently, what we see in the picture is Taesongsan Amusement Park. Koster has been under construction for most of 2012 and opened the following year.


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