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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Third-Dimensional Drift by Steve Beckow

Submitted by Steve Beckow on June 1st, 2016

The Third Dimension, as I've experienced it, had so strong a current of received public opinion, sandbagging of morals, overpatterning of lust, bigotted positions, patterns of ridicule, and other such ... well, nonsense, that trying to swim against it was difficult. Especially if dissent was scorned, by governmental decree (UFOers, wingnuts, tin hats, conspiracy theorists, etc.).

It was like walking through goo or swimming against a strong tide. There was a deadening Third-Dimensional drift.

Life at that level of density was a constant stream of well-intentioned efforts swallowed up in the drift. One couldn't swim forever against the tide.

The National Rifle Association. People who shoot doctors who do abortions. Southern fundamentalists. Satanists in the Vatican. Pedophiles. People in foreign countries who subjugate women. The cabal, the Illuminati with their implants, cell towers, mind control, toxic vaccines, chemtrails, market-rigging, derivatives, false-flag operations, deep underground military bunkers - someone stop me please.

Could it have gotten worse? Decidedly. The cabal was planning World War III.

Many of these same influences were also producing or influencing the media that was offered to us and informed us.

We watched the patterns of behavior in all the crime dramas we were fed after the lie of 9/11. We soaked in them. But did we not see that they also saturated our lives?

The way of life that we came up with as a result of stewing in this unsavory soup was highly deceitful, highly manipulative, driven by our tastebuds, love of orgasm, love of gossip, lust for power, etc.

It showed up in our mistrust, sharp dealings, chiselling, and "Me first" attitude.

And then we created self-serving stories that cast us as the hero in every battle. Always right. Dead right. A deadening way of being.

This was the psychic pea soup that we lived in. This was as good as it got for most people. It was such an unpleasant way of living, any way you cut it. And no one came away from it with their hands completely clean. I know I didn't.

The best a sleeping lightworker could do in times like these was make his or her peace with it, come to some sort of terms with it. It cost us our heart consciousness and our sense of conscience.

Never mind being conceived in sin. We lived in guilt. And heartache. And now we need to come back from all of this nonsense (which is what it is) and regroup.

I can hear Archangel Michael say at this point: "Can you laugh at it?"

I can laugh at it provided we don't go there again. I don't even find it pleasant to visit any more. When someone starts gossiping or blaming others in my presence, I head for the door. Unabashedly. Without apology.

And I shy away from people who want to "take me there." I don't want to go there and not wanting to go there, in a free-will world, trumps everything else.

Now that the alternative is in sight, I'm willing to let go of 3D, despite not having hold of the next branch.

Fortunately I don't have to let go of the branch. Let go of my resistance? Yes. Apart from that, I only have to open fully to what's next.

See also Saul, whose version is much, much better! “Saul: Humanity is One with Itself, Everyone is Family, and the True Nature of Everyone is Love!” Channeled by John Smallman, May 23, 2016, at

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