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Friday, June 17, 2016

This Frequency Generator Can Make You High

Frequency generators can be used to heal the body and make you feel a sense of euphoria, but be aware that it can also be used to control your mind to a significant degree. – PL Chang

By Barbara Woolsey, contributor for

There’s a new way of getting high, without ever having to pop a pill, puff, or even ingest. It’s a machine called a quantum crystal resonator, and it transmits out electromagnetic frequencies that according to its inventor, can mimic the sensations of MDMA, marijuana, or an acid trip—no chemicals necessary.

Electromagnetic therapy is highly valued in the alternative medicine realm, and while it’s been called pseudoscientific, it’s proven effective in treating symptoms of diseases from cancer to multiple sclerosis. Dami Ajani, an electronics technician and owner of NeuroFitness Wellness Center in Regina, Saskatchewan created the device for using electromagnetic therapy at home—but while experimenting with a DJ friend, he discovered that it could actually be the perfect party favor.

“The resonator isn’t a unique device, a lot of people have done this prior to me,” he says. “But as far as I know, it’s the first time electromagnetic frequencies are being used at parties to match the mood the DJ wants to create. That’s why I call myself an EJ: energy jockey.”

THUMP recently spoke to Ajani about whether his device is the key to hangover-free partying, and how effective this “pseudoscience” might be for getting people turnt.

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