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Monday, July 4, 2016

Declaration of Independence -- Is that really St. Germain?

St. Germain may be what is popularly explained to call that only hatted figure in the painting above. There is another very well researched explanation of who "the mysterious stranger" was in the book "Rulers of Evil: Useful Information About Governing Bodies". In there the hattted one in the painting above is stated to have had another name previous to his arrival in pre Revolutionary War America. That name is Lorenzo Ricci (Anglicized as Lawrence Richey) the former Jesuit Superior General whose death circumstances were mysterious enough to have been surmised that he faked it to carry forth his plan of the guided birth of uSA the country. If anyone is interested in this compelling story, unlike the party line his-story we have all been taught in that incredible details are filled in, here is the book in pdf:

A review, excerpts and other links to the pdf from the book here:

One of the things mentioned in the book is that there is a statue of George Washington in a grassy area in Trafalgar Square that sits opposite that of King James. Now WHY would such a place of honor be bestowed upon a man who supposedly led a revolution against the British government? Another is the symbolic significance of the Roman gods portrayed in the frescoes on the underside of the Capitol Dome and the statue of Persophone on top of the dome. Persephone is non other than the Roman goddess-queen of the underworld.

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