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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sophia from the Height, Message 1 -- Ascension is Personal

Submitted Anonymously | 2:39 PM ET on July 20, 2016

This is easily the most vital message I will give you and it begins with the three words that are most critical to your immediate future. These words are:


My messages to you will not be elaborate; they will be simple and direct. To that end, there are two uncomplicated reasons why it is absolutely imperative that these three words become your bedrock:

1) Although ascension ‘advice’ from galactic friends or inner earth sources is welcome, the human being is a profoundly unique model from any other race of beings in this universe. Human being ascension is a first-time experience and thus cannot be predicted as it will be unlike any other species. You must take personal responsibility for the ‘way’ and the ‘how’ of your own personal ascension experience and not rely solely on outside guidance.

2) As stated above, this is a first-time ascension experience for human DNA to begin with, but it must be remembered that every single human being has had their DNA tampered with and thus there will be no uniformity to the human ascension process. Each of you will work through your DNA repairing process differently and individually. You must take personal responsibility for the ‘way’ and the ‘how’ of your own personal ascension experience and not give yourself over to group think.

Ascension is not just an advance in consciousness; in fact, that’s the easy part. Ascension in large part is a physical process that you must not mistakenly think is something that will simply ‘happen’ to you by default (i.e. just because you’re human). You must work care-fully and thought-fully and intent-fully with your body to lovingly bring it into the higher dimensions yourself. No one can do it for you, and if you don’t do it for yourself your body will simply not make the leap. It will wither from sickness and return to dust and you will need to take another spin at embodiment in order to continue your personal ascension process.

So pay very close attention to your body, make this a highly personal experience, because the formative energies are here and they will only become stronger as time goes on. If you work consciously with these energies to assist your body to evolve, it will. If you allow these energies to stream through your being unattended, your body will perish. It is that simple. It is up to you. Pay attention to your body. ‘Listen’ very closely to what it is trying to tell you.

I cannot give you a handy list of ways work with your body, such as eat light, exercise, etc. (because that would be impersonal - you need to eat what feels right to you and decide your own best physical output), but I can give you a simple tip that is good for the human vessel across the board. Detox your body of life force sucking parasites and unnatural chemical and metal toxins using whatever method you feel your body would best respond to. Colloidal silver, apple cider vinegar, bentonite clay, diatomaceous earth, unrefined cocoanut oil, alkaline water, herbs, all of the above or whatever else seems right. Just start your process free of body contaminates.

Remember these three words always, ascension is personal. You have to do it for yourself and you have to decipher and make your own rules for yourself as you go. But remember this as well. You are not alone in this process. There is One Who Is literally embodying this experience with you every second of your life. You have a partner Who Is always with you and Who Is rooting for you to come Home. Let that reality underscore your every thought.

This content was originally submitted and published at Operation Disclosure.

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