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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"We Serve and Collect" What do you Really Expect?

"We Serve, and Collect" - What do You REALLY Expect?

"We Serve, and Collect" was the old saying in Chicago by those who "knew" ...

~ ~ ~ Seriously Folks, What Do You REALLY Expect? ~ ~ ~

My early years were spent in the company of the Mafia, and their partners - law enforcement.
My personal attorney was the former governor...
Many things have changed over the years, naturally.

The FBI came into Chicago and broke up "the mob" in the early 80's because they were interfering with the CIA/DEA drug running business conducted on behalf of their Masters, the Bushes, Clintons, et al.

Greylord effectively put an end to Daley's "city that worked" with the institution of tickets in triplicate - it was hard to disappear them, after that.
My friend, and legal counsel went on to make license plates...

Although the "evidence room" continued offering the very best selection of weed anywhere in the city... (at the best prices, too)

Confessions that used to be beaten out of people with rubber pipes, are now extracted by "stacking" - plus everybody makes money on the whole transaction of getting that conviction.

Public defenders rarely prevail anymore, although they used to sometimes get actual murderers acquitted.

The criminal injustice system no longer offers any opportunity of "justice" as everyone has sold their soul for a sheckle.

Admiralty Law has completely replaced Common Law, and are "sold for cash" to the privately owned jails. is the BIGGEST CHANGE of all previously mentioned above -
The "COPS" used to be chosen for their intelligence and wit...
........ Now, that's an automatic EXCLUSION from hiring

Only the STUPID, low IQ ones get hired. This started about 20 years ago.

Don't take my word for it, though - research it for yourself...

" IQ limits for police "

-> Source

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