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Saturday, July 9, 2016

What will happen to the Cabal Tomorrow on July 10, 2016?

Dear Windu Liu, how are you and how are my Chinese Government Colleagues?

What will happen with all these Groups which all the Intelligence Services know
who they are, What they have done, and what they are still planning, and also
KNOW where they are Located.

its also very simple also for the RUSSIANS and CHINESE Intelligence to round up
all these groups, there are already groups who are need of the GOLD, who for
sure would LOVE to take some of them in custody.

I believe the first things would be to bring the CLONING of Humans, and try to
control the handlers and the Labs, where these CLONES are being programmed to
do their FALSE Flags agendas, to DELAY the Prosperity FUNDS from rolling out.

I am happy because i can see the UNIVERSE is doing it WORK on everything,
They know they cannot fight it, but are trying to resist the Energies and the

I hope they we can talk to them to open their HEARTS and to stop with
destroying their Selfs.

Lets see what is going to happen to them if the UNIVERSE will give them a ultimatum
so they can change their WAYS, or being removed from the Planet.

I hope they will consider.

Have a Blessed day.

Ronald Wederfoort
+5999 5156118 |

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