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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Incirlik Surrounded by Turkish Forces, US Combat Units on High Alert

Fort Campbell, KY and other active duty combat installations throughout the U.S. were placed on high alert status Friday, according to a military source.

All units in the 101st Airborne Division are currently operating under a 12 hour recall order as of Friday night, according to the active duty soldier, and other combat bases are also on the same recall status for potential combat deployment.

The source told TRUNEWS:

“We were told at a safety briefing that it could be for anything, such as an attack on Clarksville and Nashville. Crew serve weapons are locked in vehicles, ready to be quickly mounted, 24 hour guard has been implemented on our motor pool, and past 17:00 PM CT police dogs are being used to search every car coming through gate.”

Nicknamed the “Screaming Eagles”, the 101st Airborne Division is an elite modular specialized light infantry division of the United States Army, trained for air assault operations. Its unique battlefield mobility and high level of training have kept the division in the vanguard of America’s land combat forces in recent conflicts.

TRUNEWS has reached out to the Public Affairs Office for Fort Campbell as well as Brigade, Battalion, and Company staff duty desks for comment. However, no official reply has been given at this time, and the Staff Sergeant manning the Division staff duty desk “could not confirm or deny” the alert status.

On Saturday night, Turkey’s Hürriyet Daily News reported that 7,000 police armed with rifles and armored TOMA vehicles surrounded the Incirlik Air Base, blockading the entrance. Hurriyet reported that the force response was carried out by Adana police after being tipped off about a new coup attempt, being launched in part from Incirlik Air Base.

RT reported Saturday that a realtime airspace map from FlightRadar24 appeared to show the airspace around the NATO base had also been closed. They also highlighted a tweet from aTwitter account named “Income Disparity”, who reported that communication with Incirlik had been cut off, and attempts to communicate with the base by email or phone had failed.

Turkey’s minister for EU Affairs Ömer Çelik downplayed the situation in a Twitter post, saying a “security inspection” was being carried out. Top US military official, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford arrived in Turkey on Sunday, with plans to visit Ankara and Incirlik AB.

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