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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Obama's Secret Drone Playbook Released, Contains Treason

BREAKING: Obama Forced to Release Secret Drone Playbook, Whats Inside is Treason! 

By Danny Gold - August 7, 2016
From Liberty Writers News

We found out that killing US citizens is not against Obama’s “rules of drone warfare” when we found out he had killed 4 US citizens in drone strikes between 2008-2013.

However, that left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths with one massive question left unanswered, “What are Obama’s alleged rules?”

Luckily, a judge has just forced the White House to turn over their drones “playbook” and it is Not good… 


However, these are the rules that were recovered from the released document.
•Targets do not have to be in combat zones
•Targets are NOMINATED and APPROVED by the National Security Council (NSC), which is headed by Barack Obama
•CIA or Pentagon are responsible for planning the kill
•While the document suggests that civilians are not to be targeted, they can still be targeted if they are “targetable in the exercise of national self-defense,” a vague and open statement leaving Obama lots of wiggle room.
•Strikes must have near certainty that the target is in the area
•Strikes may target people or locations, especially suspected explosive storage areas.
•When the Pentagon or CIA cannot reach consensus on a drone strike, the decision(s) will be left to the US president

(embedded video)

No one man in this country was ever meant to have the insane amount of power that Obama has been given with Drones. The program should be under the direction of the Joint Chiefs and Congress.

Until we call our congressmen and force them to make a vote for a change, Obama has total control to use his drones ANYWHERE he wants…

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