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Friday, September 30, 2016

All Types of Energy Waves are Hitting Earth Right Now


Waves are coming in all size and shapes at this moment, from gamma and - radio waves all the way down to sound and some more - photonic subtle waves, pushing our horizons seemingly toward spiritual less known transcending dimensions. When these fires from the sky and mother earth are united, when these karma taxation start to occur, we should be sure that something extra-ordinary is beginning to develop.

That something is already here, anchored and arrived in full fledged tasteful oscillation, I think I could personally attest with some beaming and persistent, swaying and nice carrying influence, while meditating recently. While it has been for quite some time persistent - accompanying new swirling gadget while cross -legged - still it comes to appear on a surface of my understanding, as enigma; undefined and pretty much less known to subvert all arisen insatiate, natural curiosity.

Being undiluted firm 'believer into Higher -Self, flexible iconoclastic realization that - all has some purpose and meaning and that final understanding mostly and notble manifest itself during some research inquiry as synchronistical revelation - it comes to happen, that also during this time of agony and ecstasy, unlimited consciousness proved very soon, article after article, link after link very much sought clarification, explanation and sufficient quotient of satisfaction.

As a such unlimited mind downloads very rapidly opening heavenly gates of new understanding and begging ( at the same pace of apocalypse i.e. disclosing ) for transferring of the same ( for a 'mass Ready-Steady -Go' consumption ) this time e mail chronicling would be dedicating toward this interesting part, without sinful neglecting of some other issues.

Articles appeared in this provided fashion as presented - first six with green letters, one after other synchronistically discovered - delineating exposure to photon re-calibrationion, due to magnetizing forehead. In this way neophyte's body becomes sufficient instrument of photon-attraction, substituting necessary pyramid shape construction in other to do the same; producing spiraling confluence of energies so strong that even physical body starts to rotate, swirling and rocking left and right.

Anyone interesting into this subject matter, majestically adventure into own Self, should to be sincerely honest and work toward these goals systematically, growing and building right from there, breathing and relaxing. Spiritual advancement legally depends on own morality, own compassion and sufficiency to stand up and move on after any persistent fall down.

It is demanding but certainly worthy, as matter of fact, similar to any other relationship; depending on transparency among head and heart, provisions between mind and soul and big, big continuous refreshing smile.

Try to close both eyes ready for enjoying sight, landscape and surprising shining Self!

Be simple.

All is well and already happened !

Nourishing hearts Flourishing life...


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