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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hillary Looked 10 Years Younger from Visiting Chelsea's Apartment After Fainting

Private Server, Private Hospice? Chelsea’s “Apartment” Hillary went to after Her Fall on 9/11 Used to be a NY State Medical Facility

September 14, 2016

Well… isn’t that a magical coincidence?

We’ve all seen Hillary’s miraculous emergence after her fall at Ground Zero on 9/11 from what we are told is her daughter Chelsea’s apartment, looking ten years younger and like she got a face lift and lost 25 lbs.

Chelsea’s apartment must be a really awesome place.

Turns out, the exact address where Chelsea’s “apartment” is located just so happens to be the same address once listed for a New York state medical facility.

Which leads to the obviously question… does Hillary have her own private hospice care set up there? That way, she can go “visit her daughter” any time she needs to for private medical attention away from the prying eyes of the public?

That question begs another: just how long has Hillary been sick and being taken care of here? This is just too much of a coincidence.

The bottom line is that if Hillary could go to all the trouble to have a private email server, there’s no reason to think she wouldn’t go to even more trouble to have secret, private, personal healthcare.

Lots of people are pointing out that it looks like Hillary used a body double after her fall. It makes sense people in high places have them.

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