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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kinich Ahau by Way of Laiolin -- Faith and the New Paradigm

The wisdom of the ages has sprung from the long dark night of the soul to be embraced by you now, my sweet ones. Our father sent his son to you to teach and awaken you. His teachings are the jewels of consciousness.

Christ Jesus taught that if you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. He also told you what he has done; you will do only greater. He told you that he was the offspring of David, and the bright morning star (Revelation 22:16).

He spoke of his return. The second coming of Christ is within the hearts of humanity. Embrace his teachings. He taught you to forgive. Forgiveness is freedom; forgiveness is grace; forgiveness is release from bondage.

Yes, you have been hurt. Each of you was a victim of the great fear. Yes, you have suffered. Look not to the source of suffering amongst your fellow humans. Know that you have taken alternate incarnations as victims and victimizers. In the old paradigm, the good guys sought out evil and attempted to destroy it. The new paradigm is to seek the depth of our own shadow and unconditionally love it into healing.

The rule of the great fear has passed. The work now is to heal, forgive and move into a new state of grace and joy. The time of spiritual renaissance is at hand.

You have a great buffet of traditions and spiritual teachings available. The collective soul hungers for these gifts. Do not struggle in an attempt to find the exclusive truth, for truth is evident in all of these precious gifts and teachings.

Each is like a color band in a beautiful rainbow. You are to stand in your own truth next to your brothers and sisters in unconditional love, forming the RAINBOW FAMILY.

FAITH is your passport to the new world of PEACE. In the coming times, your faith will continue to be tested. You will be asked to take the leap of faith. Your lower mind, or logical mind, might scream out in disbelief, but the miracles will continue to manifest.

Imagine that you are like seeds beneath fertile loam. Imagine yourselves as the size of that seed and the amount of loam comparably. It appears as tons of soil- a great weight, indeed.

Your awakening is the alchemical bursting forth of that sprout. You seek your course of destiny, penetrating the darkness and expanding into a new world of light. The loam is not a barrier to your inevitable expansion. It will yield and fund all that you need to complete your journey.

So, too, the shadow will yield, offering you inevitable nourishment and making way for a new world of PEACE and PROSPERITY.


In unconditional love,

Kinich Ahau by way of Laiolin


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