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"The RV work around plan has been activated--and both Trump and Netanyahu will now be removed through force.

This release event is to commence at night, in the wee hours for safety. Day and time still unknown.

The final RV call will come from the mountains above Beijing."





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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bizarre Radio Message: "Trump will go 26th" -- Astrological Correlations

Submitted by karmaking


Note: This strange video of a New Jersey turnpike area radio station (AM 1630) apparently transmitting on Tuesday morning a repeating message of "Trump will go 26th" and/or "Trump April 26th" surfaced yesterday. Is it real or a hoax? The number 1630 equals 10, which is "destruction" in Mayan numerology. I have checked both presidential candidates' charts for Monday, September 26th, which is also the day of the debate.

Both candidates have Jupiter aspects in effect that day (Clinton: Sun and Jupiter sextile natal Jupiter; Trump: Sun and Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune). De rigor astrology discusses only the expansiveness and luck that comes with Jupiter. The well-kept secret is that Jupiter aspects are very often in effect when someone dies. I don't like secrets.

The Sun and Jupiter will make their once a year (on average) conjunction on September 26th.

Pluto, Ruler of the Underworld, stations direct on September 26th.

Venus opposes the Chiron Point (infliction of wounds, process of healing) on September 26th.

Other significant astrological aspects are in effect on September 26th.

A false flag that prevents the debate or prevents an election because the candidates were victims of a terror attack would be an option for the crumbling system that is trying to create order out of chaos. This radio transmission in New Jersey, if real, may have been the required "revelation" prior to the attack (ritual). I am curious if this same radio station can be heard at NYU, where the debate will be held. This is all speculation, but we need to be prepared for anything. The whole thing may be a hoax or it may be Illuminati hijinks. I have highlighted September 25/26 for a few months now. Still, let's hold peace and goodwill.

From the sender: Like a magician, the PTB usually have you look one way while they secretly plan something different behind the scenes. I'm looking for Hillary to be the reason the debate doesn't take place.

This content was originally submitted and published at Operation Disclosure.

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