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Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Theory on Why the FBI Reopened the Hillary Clinton Case

It's already scripted out. You're just watching the show with popcorn. Hillary gone, Trump gone, Obama, Biden gone. Ryan taking the oath. Pense and Ryan running against Sanders and Warren. Ryan wins inauguration, Jan 20 on schedule. Exit movie theater. NESARA next movie. - OD

Source: Red State Watcher

Buckle up people! Here's a theory why FBI reopened the Hillary Clinton case

With only a few days to go before the election, the political world erupted Friday when the FBI decided to reopen their case on Hillary Clinton's private email server. While details are scarce, several theories have emerged. The best theory we've heard is this: James Comey was forced into reopening the case. If the FBI director hand hadn't been forced, the entire government would be brought down. Basically, this whole thing was to protect Obama -- in other words, they're maybe sacrificing Hillary to save Obama. A conversation from 4chan:


A conversation from Rush Limbaugh's show about the same theory (The Kim Dotcom Theory):

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