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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 10, 2017

Redemption centers remain manned and bank personnel have received memos.

Trump to announce the USN before Christmas.

The situation within the WH and Government continues to get heated, ultimately leading to a mass indictment event (Plan B).

The cleanup process of the Cabal continues behind the scenes. No new details given at this time.

The Alliance expects to release the RV sometime this month if they successfully cleanup all remaining Cabal malice within a specific time-frame.




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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Geopolitical Op-Ed: "Prisoner's Dilemma" -- October 26, 2016

Source: Dinar Chronicles | by Terra Zetzz


"​Prisoner's ​Dilemma"
​Geopolitical Op-Ed
October 26, 2016​


A Prisoner's Dilemma is a situation in which two ​actors each have two options​, with both depending on the simultaneous choice made by the other​. In a police interrogation situation, often ​they split ​two prisoners ​with two negotiating teams to put pressure on each criminal to confess and implicate their partner of whatever crime they believed they committed.

It's an age old divide and conquer strategy, but it works.

In the world of geopolitics, a classic Prisoner's Dilemma is playing out with the cabal in Syria and the Ukraine if you understand that all modern conflicts are just intentionally, pre-planned and well funded crimes against humanity by once single enemy, that is genetically related and very well organized, as well as masters of the art of hiding in plain in sight developed over many a century.

This private family calls themselves the Dark Nobility, and they desire one thing: World Domination (also known as Zionism). And they are radically devoted to maintaining
​order through ​chaos​, which means literally creating wars that do no exist and then the conditions in which to ignite suffering... only to magically appear with a peaceful solution.

In the Middle East for instance, Israel is their sovereign state actor and key instigator of all regional aggression. Yet in truth, The Vatican, Eastern Europe, NATO and of course the Shadow Government of the United States, Inc. all play a supporting role in the region's interests.

Keep in mind there was not a drop of oil pumped out of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq or Kuwait before 1930, when the Rockefellers funded and created ARAMCO to fuel American energy needs.

So all chaotic Middle Eastern conflicts that have followed since have all been concoctions of this Dark Nobility dating back to pre-WW2, when both oil exploration and Jewish migration began consuming the nations in and around Palestine (now called the nation of Israel).

And because the goal of the Dark Nobility is to create a holy war between Christians, Jews and Muslims worldwide, they foster chaos, so they may follow up with order via military, financial and political slight of hand magic tricks, perpetuated and re-enforced through mass media, to psychologically enslave all populations of the world with their version of benevolent solution.

Whew! That was exhausting writing, I can't imagine having to keep such evil operations going for centuries. But they do. And they breed, train and torture generation after generation of their own children to keep such horrendous activities alive and functional. No one doubts their commitment, but their soul has long been sold to the devil.

The problem at issue now however, is that this private insane family of psychopaths no longer can create all problems between all nations, religions and cultures, secretly. Meaning, nobody is buying their artificial wars and manufactured conflicts anymore. Humanity clearly desires peace and prosperity versus what we have been given these last 26,000 years… and finally we seem to have the emotional strength not to fight against each other anymore.


​Perhaps planetary consciousness has...

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