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Sunday, October 2, 2016

New Social Media Platform Could Put A Stop To Child Safety Issues

From: Truth Theory | Luke Miller

A new social media site which gives parents the ability to monitor their children's online engagements and time spent on the site, is now in beta launch.

SayFriends is a new social media platform which has been designed for children aged 8-13. It includes most of the features you would expect from a regular platform, but what makes SayFriends different is that they have also integrated an app that allows parents to monitor the activity of your child's account.

Using SayFriends, you are able to screen your child's friends requests and moderate messages, and your child has the ability to report any bullying that is going on. You can also adjust the level of oversight you have through your permission settings, meaning that within trusted circles of friends you don't have to monitor behaviour unless you feel the need to.

Perhaps the most important aspect of SayFriends is that of child protection, which is a massive issue for many parents and children alike. According to NSPCC

1 in 3 children have been a victim of cyberbullying.

Three-quarters of parents have looked for or received information or advice about how to help their child manage online risks

Around 1 in 7 young people have taken a semi-naked/naked picture of themselves. Over half went on to share the picture with someone else.

In 2015, the Internet Watch Foundation identified over 68,000 URLs containing child sexual abuse images.

SayFriends takes away the need to worry about these issues with their permissions, notification settings and approval system. Taken from their website-

"You will always be notified via the app when your child receives a friend request, adding a layer of security. This ensures your child is only communicating with those you know to be safe.

You can choose to be notified of any inbound messages before your child can view them, as you see the way your child interacts with their friends over time, you are free to adjust the settings as and when your level of comfort increases."

You will also have the ability to limit the time your child spends online and on the lighter side they also have hundreds of games available, such as Minecraft which can be played with or alongside other children in the SayFriends network.

SayFriends is currently only available in the UK, but they have plans to branch out so check out what they are doing and register your interest by visiting them HERE.

If you think this is a good idea or have found it in anyway useful, please feel free to share! And if you have an opinion, feel free to add it in the comments section below. Much love, Luke.

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