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Friday, October 14, 2016

Provost Marshal General of the Army's Authority to Arrest the President

Note that this is an old article from 2015. - OD

Does the Provost Marshal General of the Army have the authority to arrest the President?
Posted on February 9, 2015

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

This article is for INFORMATION purposes only.

What can be done if the President is a Domestic Enemy?

Does the Provost Marshal General of the Army or Marine Corp have the authority to arrest the President?

This would not ‘usually’ be the case. The Provost Marshal General of The Army is a Headquarters US Army flag officer position and serves directly under the Chief of Staff – US Army.

In one of our legal classes in Command & Staff School – Air University, the scenario was built classroom-style that greatly parallels the terrible situation we find ourselves in today. (Please remember that these classes were taught by Harvard Law School folks with a string of letters behind their names as long as your arm.)

“It has been determined that the president has committed treason in a manner unmistakable to all. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff convenes a covert meeting to get a vote of the JCS. (Here is where the Provost Marshall General of the Army and/or Marines may be in attendance.)

Please remember at this time that a military officer takes an oath of office to do one thing and one thing only – “……. to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign OR DOMESTIC.” They must determine above a reasonable doubt that the enemy domestic is the treasonous president.

A convoy of 10 to 12 HIGH ranking officers depart the Pentagon, accompanied by a large contingent of Military Police (Provost Marshal General??) and all necessary armament and provisions to enter the grounds of the White House, by FORCE if necessary, proceed to the location of the president and put him under arrest. (This scenario is when we are not at DECLARED WAR)

Then, The Chairman of the JCS would advise the Speaker of The House, The President of the Senate, The Attorney General and the Secretary of State of their actions.

In times of DECLARED WAR, the president can be shot on the spot if he resists
or is a threat to the nation or those around him. Please remember, that the last DECLARED WAR was the second world war, declared on 8 December 1941. Why haven’t we seen this today. Simple – we are devoid of Constitutional military leadership – they have morphed into political, pussified, wishy-washy, pants-wetting yes-men. (Enough to make you puke) Hope this helps.

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