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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Review of Leaked Area 51 Extraterrestrial Interview

My Review of this video as former military soldier is the following ;

one; what Alien(fallen-Angel) or voice-over is Dis-information.

I do believe that there are Aliens(Fallen-Angels) in Underground-D.U.M.B.

Base all over the United States. I do believe that there was some kind of war underground in (what) 2012 .I did hear about the Washington Monument

being cracked because of this small-nuke war underground .

Destroying the underground home of the elite-bankers. 

I believe that during this war in underground-bases; that yes, some of the hybrid-children of the (Aliens)Fallen-ANGELS were killed in the war. 

yes, I do believe that some or maybe all of the time-jumper machines were destroyed in the war.

I do believe that the DNA OF Fallen-Angels(Aliens) are Medical-Mark of the Beast ! I believe that Government Elite Agents and Elite Bankers want to use this to increase the their lives and for robot-like-salves of the people of the world. I believe that they will put the Medical-Mark and the Chip-Mark in at the same time !! ;because the chip is so small for the needle.
I do believe that there was help from Holy-Angels (that you could see) in the underground-war. Go look at the book of Daniel ;you will see him talking about the mixing of clay and iron together. and the last book -How the people would have sores on their bodies. I have seen and hear of many stories of people having sores on their bodies because of being taken by the Aliens (Fallen-Angels). Here is my question about the

Hybrid-Children of the Fallen Angels(Aliens) . Why or How are they not having sores on their bodies ? Are their bodies being treated with a suppressing medical treatment ? wow, I feeling the power of God right now ! The Holy Spirit telling, yes, they are suppressing the sores for hybrids. What do you think? I seen the best video of a hybrid-children. It was of a young girl. You could tell that see was hybrid by the small-closed chin she had on her face. I personally have seen someone demonic -possession when I was at the Wal-Mart Store. She was working behind the counter in the Deli-Department. I ask her for some type of lunch-meat. Her eyes glowed a bright-laser-blue ! then she ran off in the back-room. My friends that church service and my relationship God really made the different in that moment ! The Demon inside of her must have seen the armor of God on me ! And ran, Praise Jesus !!

I also seen people's eye move as the other eye be straight as an arrow !

when the demon was looking out to see if it was going to have fight on it's hand's . I never seen hybrid-child with the black-eyes as of this moment in time in my life. Not looking under any rock for it anyway ! 

I told you these stories in hopes that this will give you strength to trust in Jesus my Lord and Savior. truly your friend in Holy fight ;


This content was originally submitted and published at Operation Disclosure.

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