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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 17, 2017

13 Galactic advisers are currently in D.C. overseeing the RV release.

Most of Congress have now been informed about the transition since the Galactic's arrived. See them act "differently" in upcoming media interviews this week.

Several members of Congress will resign due to sexual harassment/assault charges. Those who refuse will be indicted.

The USN is currently backing the USD digitally, it is just not officially announced yet.

The announcement of the USN will come after the RV (possibly on the 20th-23rd).

In-country exchanges will be made in USN.

Exchanges abroad will be in gold-backed Yuan or the country's local currency (if already asset/gold-backed digitally similar to the USD/USN scenario).

If this intel serves correct, the RV could begin any time this week before the USN is announced.




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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Dec. 18, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 18 2017 Compiled 12:01 am EDT 18 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Review of Leaked Area 51 Extraterrestrial Interview

My Review of this video as former military soldier is the following ;

one; what Alien(fallen-Angel) or voice-over is Dis-information.

I do believe that there are Aliens(Fallen-Angels) in Underground-D.U.M.B.

Base all over the United States. I do believe that there was some kind of war underground in (what) 2012 .I did hear about the Washington Monument

being cracked because of this small-nuke war underground .

Destroying the underground home of the elite-bankers. 

I believe that during this war in underground-bases; that yes, some of the hybrid-children of the (Aliens)Fallen-ANGELS were killed in the war. 

yes, I do believe that some or maybe all of the time-jumper machines were destroyed in the war.

I do believe that the DNA OF Fallen-Angels(Aliens) are Medical-Mark of the Beast ! I believe that Government Elite Agents and Elite Bankers want to use this to increase the their lives and for robot-like-salves of the people of the world. I believe that they will put the Medical-Mark and the Chip-Mark in at the same time !! ;because the chip is so small for the needle.
I do believe that there was help from Holy-Angels (that you could see) in the underground-war. Go look at the book of Daniel ;you will see him talking about the mixing of clay and iron together. and the last book -How the people would have sores on their bodies. I have seen and hear of many stories of people having sores on their bodies because of being taken by the Aliens (Fallen-Angels). Here is my question about the

Hybrid-Children of the Fallen Angels(Aliens) . Why or How are they not having sores on their bodies ? Are their bodies being treated with a suppressing medical treatment ? wow, I feeling the power of God right now ! The Holy Spirit telling, yes, they are suppressing the sores for hybrids. What do you think? I seen the best video of a hybrid-children. It was of a young girl. You could tell that see was hybrid by the small-closed chin she had on her face. I personally have seen someone demonic -possession when I was at the Wal-Mart Store. She was working behind the counter in the Deli-Department. I ask her for some type of lunch-meat. Her eyes glowed a bright-laser-blue ! then she ran off in the back-room. My friends that church service and my relationship God really made the different in that moment ! The Demon inside of her must have seen the armor of God on me ! And ran, Praise Jesus !!

I also seen people's eye move as the other eye be straight as an arrow !

when the demon was looking out to see if it was going to have fight on it's hand's . I never seen hybrid-child with the black-eyes as of this moment in time in my life. Not looking under any rock for it anyway ! 

I told you these stories in hopes that this will give you strength to trust in Jesus my Lord and Savior. truly your friend in Holy fight ;


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