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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Texas Switches to Paper Ballots After Electronic Voting Glitches


Problems with election software spring up in East Texas

 - OCTOBER 26, 2016


A county in Texas has switched to “emergency paper ballots” after electronic voting machines in the region suffered technical glitches.

Chambers County Clerk Heather Hawthorne issued a press release Tuesday announcing electronic voting would be suspended until the glitches affecting voting machines could be corrected.

“The Straight Party vote for both the Republicans and Democrats did not automatically select one race on each ballot,” states the press release.

“The error was caused in programming by ES&S (Election Systems and Software Inc.), the vendor who programs the election software used in Chambers County.”

“Immediately, Hawthorne contacted ES&S and advised them of the issue. Hawthorne then contacted the Secretary of State’s office, the office overseeing the elections in Texas, and was informed to create emergency paper ballots to be used until the problem could be fixed.”

Hawthorne claims she discovered the problem Monday morning after she cast her own vote and reviewed the electronic ballot.

“Moving temporarily to paper ballots in such a situation is standard protocol,” Hawthorne reportedly told 12NewsNow.

On Wednesday, Hawthorne issued another press release claiming the machines had been fixed.

“Using paper ballots in the interim, as prescribed by the Texas Election Code, allowed our vendor to resolve the issue quickly,” she wrote.

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