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Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Time has Come, The Shift is Upon Us

John Two-Hawks
The Time Has Come....
A Global Shift Is Upon Us

My friends and relatives.. it has been a short while since I last wrote to you. A lot has happened since my last letter. I had a small medical procedure go completely haywire and become life threatening… my new ‘Hidden Medicine’ album was released and the tour kicked off… meanwhile, over 100,000 have died in Syria… the warped ideology of ISIS remains… and the standoff of Native people and supporters against the Dakota Access Pipeline (where I and my brothers spent a week and brought a trailer loaded with supplies) has grown into a massive worldwide outcry for Indigenous and environmental rights everywhere. Then there is the Presidential election, about which I will only say that I can’t wait till it’s over! In short, I believe we are standing at a crossroad, globally. The moment for us to learn how to live in balance with Mother Earth, and to be kind to one another is upon us. We are fast running out of time for the foolish behavior that damages the planet and pits religions and cultures against one another. We must find the still, small voice of spirit that lives in the center of all of our souls, and quiet our yelling and our anger, and listen. Listen to that soft voice that speaks of humility, wisdom and compassion. Listen to the whispers that show us the way to a future of global peace, and environmental stewardship. Now is the time my friends and relatives. This is the moment. The shift is upon us. Let us first be silent, and contemplate our true hearts. Then, with love as our guide, let us act. The shift will be subtle, but what we do now will set us on a course for the future. I pray we all will seek, and find wisdom….


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We thank you for your love and your friendship.... May you and yours be blessed....


John and Peggy

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