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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Are Politics Getting You Down?

Submitted Anonymously to Operation Disclosure,

Politics getting you down?
Get over the red/blue paradigm.
Get over democrats vs republicans.
The planet is leaving this in the dust.
Red/blue is in the rear view mirror.
We must get with it and catch up.

Book: "Transition to Natural Law"
Disclosure author Cindy K Currier

Suggested youtube:

Here's the lawsuit for trial:
BAR associations and Department of Justice
must meet full compliance ($279 trillion) with the Commercial Instrument
and “TRUE BILL” at S.E.C. Tracer Number #2640220,
which is the Reception No.# assigned by the Mesa County,
Colorado Deputy Clerk & Recorder, Brandy Emow.
Get on board. Support this legal action.

Book: "You know something's wrong…"
Disclosure author Anna Maria Riezinger


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