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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Drain the Swamp Under Tona -- Tona is the Law of the Land, Confirmed

Source: Operation Disclosure | Submitted Anonymously

“If all Americans understood the following we could drain the DC swamp of seditionists and traitors in a week. Please unlearn and share this Note: AMERICA Coup’d by ROTHSCHILD’s through traitor Lincoln. AMERICAN B.A.R. UNIONS = ROTHSCHILDS EUROPEAN B.A.R. UNDER CROWN= BANNED IN AMERICA IN 1819 (Lincoln = BAR agent and was therefore ineligible for office) ... under the TITLES OF NOBILITY ACT (T.O.N.A.) ... which is the law of the land TO THIS DAY. TONA has NEVER been overturned! It was merely hidden by the BAR agents! All in office with foreign affiliations, taking bribes (lobbyists, pay to play politicians) are in office illegally (BAR, Lobbyists) in de facto and de sure government... There was a reason the founders DID NOT ALLOW Crown (Corporation of London) BAR-stitute attorneys or government officers to be in league with a foreign power or to take bribes like Killary and others that have been recently exposed... Such affiliations leads to selling America/ns down the river for foreign interests... i.e. pay to play! TONA IS STILL THE LAW OF THE LAND and the DC SWAMP (and its State equivalent sub corps) MUST BE DRAINED by its enforcement! Its not rocket science - you can not serve two masters!

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