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Monday, November 21, 2016

GESARA Report: "Yesterday" -- November 21, 2016​

Source: Dinar Chronicles

GESARA Update 
November 21, 2016​


Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games. 

-- Babe Ruth


The following had already taken place yesterday, before sundown in New York City on Sunday November 20, 2016.

This date was the agreed upon official surrender moment and/or global power transition whereby the Pindar or Vicar of the Rome (aka Grey Pope; was to peacefully hand over humanity and planet earth back to Sovereign Hu-Man Elders (aka Keepers of the Global Collateral Accounts, led by Grandfather).

Below are 20 events that either occurred on or by November 20, 2016:

  • The Pope's Special Jubilee Year​ Ended (denying future amnesty for any bad acting cabal members).
  • ​The ​Last Weekend Before ​The ​Winter Holiday Season to Stimulate Global Economy​ For 2017​​.​
  • The ​Last Weekend of ​The 2016 ​Catholic Calendar Year ​& Final ​Year of ​Catholicsm's Self-Imposed Rule Over Humanity.
  • G20 Leaders ​Were ​Gathered in Peru ​Over The Weekend​ For final Discussions of GESARA/Disclosure/GCR/RV​​.​
  • All Central Banks of the World had Converted Over to The​ New Asian Based CIPS Financial System.​
  • ​The ​2016 US ​Presidential ​Election​s Have Been​ Resolved​ And Republic Political Transition Plan Set.
  • ​A C​lean Republican Majority ​Now Exists ​in All Branches of ​A Unified Republican US ​Gov​ernment.​
  • ​A ​Re-Issue​ing​ of Sovereign Bonds Globally​ Begins First Thing Monday Morning​​.​
  • Private Exchange Couriers ​Were ​Deployed​ And Completed Their Assignment Benchmarks.​
  • All Wars Between Nations Have Been Quelled With All Major Terrorist Conflicts ​Under Control​.​
  • ​The 2015 ​Paris Agreement ​Had Been Signed, Ratified by 55 Nations & 55% of Carbon Emitters and Put Into Force​ on November 5, 2016.​
  • ​Restored ​Republic Congress and ​it's ​President ​/ Vice President-Elect Took...
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