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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Help the Lakota Tribe at Standing Rock, What You Can Do

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

For many of you, this is nothing but a blurb from the radio, a glanced-at-but-didn't-care-to-look-at web link or a quick 8 second sound bite from the liars posing as main stream media. Well, it's not. The pipeline will cost $3,800,000 is proposed to carry approximately 470 bbl/day of fracked oil from the Bakken oil fields, 1,172 miles through the country’s heartland, to Illinois. The pipeline will cross the confluence of the Cannonball and Missouri rivers, where it threatens to contaminate our primary source of drinking water and damage the bordering Indigenous burial grounds, historic villages and sundance sites that surround the area in all directions. Those sites that were not desecrated when the area was flooded in 1948 by the construction of the Oahe dam are now in danger again.

It is the greed of banks, petroleum producers, our own government that is causing the Lakota Tribe and the people who have came to protect their land, water and sacred grounds from those that could care less For many Indians, this is their last stand after having their homes, hunting and life torn apart by uncaring bureaucrats who felt that those in Washington DC knew better than the people living there. This Thanksgiving, it's time to make it our mission to help those that are doing their best to stop the "black snake" from bringing about the end of civilization. Although they have received a small blessing from the USACE they are in trouble as we know that the Cabal, the big banks and the government care not what happens to a couple of hundred protectors and their land. Here's one simple and sane way to help

I wish you peace, but while you're enjoying your family and friends, know that there are hundreds of Indians and like-minded protesters braving Minnesota winds and rain while being brutally treated by those that we grew up thinking they were here to protect us.

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