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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hillary vs. Trump, Truth or Dare

Submitted by Citizen K to Operation Disclosure,

10th November, 2016

Hillary vs Trump, Truth or Dare

America chose the right president, like it or not. While some of us are delighted in some ways while feeling ripped off in others – and I mean ‘us’ globally due to the reach of the United States geopolitically - if you are one of the latter who had been hitherto unperturbed by Hillary’s warring ways and felt she was the safer option due to her oft quoted ‘qualifications’ and experience, you may now, in light of the election outcome, find the YouTube link below comforting to a degree.

David Oates, author and pioneer of Reverse Speech technology and interpretation has circulated the YouTube link below with compilations of speech reversals for both Trump and Hillary. The technical details of Reverse Speech are well explained in David’s books such as Unveiling The Truth; the secrets of reverse speech (2016), however for those elucidating the merits of the truths uncovered in these reversals (and the many thousands like them), David does not selectively isolate or choose reversals to meet any particular political or therapeutic agenda, he presents any and all reversals uncovered in the taping (congruent and incongruent) that he and/or his students analyse. Many examples are included in the above book.

Trump and Hillary’s reversals demonstrate congruence, or incongruence – is the person speaking honestly and truthfully, is this what they truly believe (in) or is the masculine bovine faecal matter being spewed forth for our gullible entertainment? The videos speak for themselves. As a primer I’ll only say, one is consistently congruent; the other could compost a community garden.

David has often appeared on Rense radio over the years if interested in his firsthand accounts of Reverse speech. His website is David often runs online courses to train his many global students in this technology and course costs include access to the software required (there is still a little time to enrol in his upcoming course although he has only a few places left).

The link below commences with Trumps reversals, auto-followed by Hillary’s. History may well demonstrate – though how will we ever really know - that Trump was the right person at the right time just for the purpose of defeating Hillary (and in the process taking the pressure off Putin as the sole global guardian attempting to avert WW3) – since, sadly, as an outsider rather than a politician, perhaps he is the only individual in DC capable of passing the Reverse Speech lie detector test?

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